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Facebook Fans BuyYour Facebook fan pages serve as the main platform for engagement with your friends and associates. For businesses using Facebook, this is the main platform for connecting with prospectsand when engaging with clients. That is why it is important to make the Facebook page stand out from the rest.

Here are 5 ways to make your business page in Facebook not only unique but also conducive for social interaction and engagement. If your business mainly relies on your Facebook fan page, then its designs and overall structure can make or break your business.

Make Your Facebook Business Page Standout in 5 Easy Ways

Keep it Fresh

One thing that makes people keep coming back to the page is fresh content. So keep on adding interesting posts that are compelling enough for the fans to keep on revisiting your page more often. Good posts will attract more FB fans, as well.

The moment you stop adding new contents then traffic will gradually slow down, while some visitors will eventually unsubscribe if they find the page no longer beneficial to their end.

You should publish posts regularly, at a pace where engagement and revisits are optimized. Publishing too often than need will also flood your timeline with numerous posts, thereby pushing other contents farther down in your timeline. This will only minimize the exposure and page views.

It’s hard to determine how often you should post. There are many different underlying factors that come into play here such as the type of audience you are targeting to, and the kind of niche your business belongs to. Thus, split-test your posting frequency in order to find out the best number of posting times that promote better engagement with your fans.

Post Exciting and High Quality Contents

It is not enough to keep on publishing posts. You need to make each post completely unique and truly exciting, as well.  If you keep on publishing different contents with the same message, you will lose a lot of readers. At worst, you are only spamming your page with redundant posts, thereby degrading its value in the end.

To add excitement, create a story and break it down into a series of posts that will keep the readers engaged. This will also attract more revisits since those who read your previous posts would want to find out the progress of the story in a series.

Add Photos and Videos

Photos and videos will not only make your post more engaging but they will also attract more viewers to the page. If your photos and videos are invigorating, many will share them to their friends, thereby attracting more viewers and more followers.

Add Events and Contest

Contests and events can attract a crowd of well-targeted people. If the prizes at stake are enticing, more will grab your invitation. You can sponsor free webinars from time-to-time. These are effective in capturing high quality leads, especially if the topics are hot.

Similarly, contests can also draw in a crowd of people looking for challenge, while being sufficiently rewarded at the same time. Create unique mechanics of the contest so that more people will be attracted to join. This is also effective in getting more fans to your business page.

Give Freebies and Perks

Offer perks and freebies on some occasions. It could be during your fan page anniversary, on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, during Christmas, or summer. Whatever that applies to your business, reward your fans for their loyalty. You can give them something valuable to them for every one-year anniversary of being a fan to your page.

You can also reward them according to the number of posts that they ‘liked’ or shared. The same thing if they refer friends to start following your page. Rewards will motivate people to act, so give something that will move them to engage.

3 Things You Can Do with Your Page

Brand it

You have to brand your page that is reflective of what your business stands for. If you are offering services, then your page should effectively impart to the viewers the quality of your services. This can be done by having a professionally-looking Facebook business page. It doesn’t have to be delicate and intricate in design. Even a minimalist page can become powerful enough in attracting more people to engage. The main point is quality, since this can be associated with your product or with your services.

Highlight the Essentials

Your page may have a lot of contents at some point in time that sometimes people will get confused on which post to read first. At times, readers will only take a quick glimpse of your page and then proceed to read another page. But if you highlight what matters to them, many will keep on reading while some will start interacting with the others regarding their opinion of your content.

Take advantage of the ‘pin’ feature of the network for your Facebook marketing. This is probably one of the best updates they did to the page. Pins will keep important information at the top of the timeline. Use this in conjunction with the highlight function that allows you to expand the content for enhanced reading. This will also draw in more attention to the featured post.

Organize and Properly Manage the Page

A well organized page will make the users feel at home, thereby promoting a two-way communication between you and your followers. This will also enhance the user-experience of the fans. Therefore, carefully plan your updates and posts to make them easier for the viewers to read and browse through your fan page.

Observe continuity in your post so that readers can quickly connect and understand your contents. Another important management aspect is the response rate and the response time. Only a few page owners respond to the comments and queries of the fans, while some respond too late that those who asked the question will fail to follow through. As a result, many business opportunities were lost due to poor follow up and failure to respond on time.

Takeaway Message

The above tips are just the tip of the iceberg. There are endless techniques of making your FB page unique and interesting. You can measure your success in making your fan page standout based on the number of fans, and based on your engagement rate.  If you are not happy with the numbers, then keep on adding new methods on top of the above until you achieve your desired numbers.

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Post Date: July 6, 2013
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