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Using Social Media to Create A Basic B2B Marketing Strategy

With the majority of the social media user base sharing personal updates, photos, and content, many brands sell themselves short when considering social media platforms for B2B business development. B2B marketing strategies on social media can be similar to B2C strategies, which have an end goal of qualified lead generation and expert branding as thought […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: May 20, 2013
How LinkedIn Dominated a Decade

In internet years, 2003 seems like the dark ages. Myspace was being discovered by the general public, flip phones and Palm pilots were the “mobile space,” and today’s top startup founders were still in high school (some in middle school)! This week 10 years ago marked the launch of Linkedin  – the world’s first social […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: May 10, 2013
How to Become a Social CEO

For brands of any size or reputation, the CEO is a key figure in driving the “voice” of the brand, not some shadowy figure head who signs the paychecks. In the era of social media, the hierarchy of all organizations becomes flat – executives are just as easy to research and learn about as summer […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: May 1, 2013
Two Proposed Internet Laws You NEED To Know About

As the internet continues to grow and play a key part in daily life for citizens of the United States, calls for new laws to monitor and control web actions have risen. The opposition jumps at the chance to pick at the nature of the proposed laws, and explain that they are motivated by greed, […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: April 29, 2013
Categories:  News,
How to Create A Social Media Editorial Calendar

One of the biggest struggles brands and marketers have with content marketing comes from a lack of direction with their content strategy. All too often, we see brands fall into the trappings of making posts that do not connect with the audience, or otherwise fail to stand out in the feeds of their fans. The […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: March 21, 2013
Categories:  Blog,
Tags:  social media,
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