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There are millions of internet users on social media sites at this very moment.  Some of them own just one profile on one network, while others, and most of them actually, own various profiles on all of them.  For this reason, businesses have been flocking to get into the social media action as well.  In fact, many companies have hired entire teams dedicated to creating and managing online social network marketing campaigns.  If you’re just joining the social network trend though, you will probably want to start with one and work your way up to multiple.  Otherwise, you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the updating that you’ll need to take care of.  You could really start with any of them, but it’s a good idea to know what benefits each one will offer so you can make the best choice in terms to rolling out your own social media campaign.

Social Media Campaign On Facebook

When you put your business on Facebook, you are getting your company name onto the most popular social media site available today.  More people have Facebook accounts than any other network and if people are on more than one network, they check their Facebook page more often than the rest.  That’s why Facebook is a great place to start.  You’ll gain access to features like a personal profile, which should be used by the owner or manager of the company, a business page, which should have your latest business updates posted, and analytics tools which tell you exactly what viewers are looking at, clicking on, and interacting with.  On Facebook, you’ll be able to post text, pictures, videos, and even your own store front.

On Twitter

Although Twitter is very different from Facebook, it is quickly catching up in terms of popularity.  You’ll be able to fill out a small business profile.  Be sure to include a great company slogan or tagline, as that is the first thing viewers will see under your business name.  You’ll also have the opportunity to post a picture of your owner, building, or logo for followers to associate with the account.  If you want to start simple, then Twitter may be your best choice.  Instead of posting all kinds of content, you’ll simply need to update it with 170 characters, about one or two sentences, once a week or daily if possible.  This is great for quick updates for all your followers who are on the go and don’t have time to read lengthy posts.  Of course, you can always post links for them to click and those can take them to more detailed information if necessary.

Social Media Marketing on On LinkedIn

For yet another approach and an entirely new set of benefits, you could try LinkedIn.  With LinkedIn, you get a more professional social network instead of a personal one.  Most of the people here are established professionals or companies looking to connect with other companies.  It’s a great site for making business contacts, finding partners, getting business advice, and hiring freelancers or independent contractors.  Just make sure you post a profile that is informative, interesting and very business-like.  Then start making connections and getting to know others in your field.  You can speed this process up by joining niche groups and striking up a discussion.  You’ll also be able to direct businesses from your LinkedIn profile to your other social network pages once you get them up and running.  It’s a good idea to establish your company on the less formal networks first and then move in to the professional ones.  That way, people who aren’t sure about connecting with you can research you on the other networks.

On YouTube

While it’s not the same as the traditional media networks in terms of providing a place for people to connect, YouTube has created its own kind of network.  On YouTube, users can post videos, comment on videos, Like videos, and even share videos with their friends.  Usually, they can do all these actions through their other social media pages, which is why it’s best to establish those before you create your own YouTube channel.  Once you do though, you can use it as a free venue to show company commercials, product tutorials, company overviews, and more.  Because so many people prefer getting their information through videos these days, it’s a very valuable asset for your online marketing campaign.  Just make sure your videos are professional and contain engaging content.  If the content is really good, you might even be able to generate some revenue from your channel through paid advertising.

On MySpace

At first, MySpace was very popular among social media enthusiasts, but lately, it has lost a lot of steam.  This is simply because Facebook has overshadowed it.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t still people using MySpace though.  In fact, some people refuse to switch or add a Facebook account simply out of loyalty to their first choice of networks.  This is why you may want to consider not only having a business page on Facebook, but also on MySpace.  You might end up reaching a crowd that does not exist on Facebook.  Even if you do end up advertising to some of the same people with that page, it only means more exposure for your business, which is great for name brand recognition.  You can use the same strategies as you would on Facebook and through that, will receive some of the same benefits.  It is recommended to invest time in a MySpace profile last though, since it probably receives the least traffic out of all five of the networks mentioned in this article.

Whatever sites you decide to invest company effort in though, you are sure to see benefits that will increase exponentially as your social media marketing campaign is viewed, Liked, followed, and shared by the vast amounts of network users out there.  Just make sure to give the fans on all of your sites great content, consistent updates and an opportunity to participate and they will do most of your marketing for you.



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Post Date: February 23, 2012
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