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  YouTube is a formidable force in online marketing, and this is proven by the unceasing growth of YouTube year-over-year at a tremendous pace. Last year in 2013, YouTube achieved a milestone by achieving the 1 billion worldwide user mark, making it the second network to attain such feat next to Facebook. The massive userbase […]

Posted By: Jong
Post Date: April 17, 2014
Categories:  Blog, YouTube,

  Getting your site indexed in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines is one of the first few things that you should do when marketing your website, and when doing search engine optimization. You cannot literally proceed to SEO if your site is not indexed yet. Being indexed will make your site visible in the […]

Posted By: Jong
Post Date: April 11, 2014
Categories:  Blog, SEO,

  Facebook may be the leader in the social media industry, but not all aspects of online marketing Facebook is the leading network. For real time marketing, Twitter proved to be the most effective during Super Bowl events. In fact, real-time marketing on Twitter during the Super Bowl tremendously jumped from about 8% in 2013 […]

Posted By: Jong
Post Date: April 3, 2014
Categories:  Blog, Twitter,

  In a daring move by Mark Zuckerberg, the famous Facebook founder, Facebook made its biggest acquisition of the decade by purchasing WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. This is even bigger than its previous acquisition of Instagram at only $1 billion back in 2012. While the WhatsApp acquisition was a major concern for many […]

Posted By: Jong
Post Date: March 29, 2014

Matt Cutts, head of Google web spam team, stated in his blog post about the decay and fall of guest blogging in search engine optimization back in January 2014. This sent many SEO experts and webmasters into panic, especially those who are heavily relying on guest blogging as a main source of backlinks. Matt Cutts […]

Posted By: Jong
Post Date: March 18, 2014
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