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facebook for businessSocial media has made it not only easier for people to connect with friends and long lost relatives, but also how people can connect to a business. Have you thought about putting your business out there on Facebook to reach more customers? You should, because if you have a small or a local business it is a way of getting free marketing to a whole new range of potential customers. Facebook for businesses could take you to the next level in your business or increase profitability so you had to become a medium or large sized business. How does one get started on Facebook?

When and How to Post Professionally

Create your account to represent your business On Facebook in a professional manner.

Use a profile picture that represents your company such as a logo or a picture of a product. The cover photo should also represent your business and be of the physical structure if you have one or a representation of the products and services you have to offer.

Avoid using pictures of anything from your personal life in the business page.

Keep the business page for the business and create a personal page where you can post family pictures and what you had for dinner. Customers might occasionally enjoy seeing a cute picture of your dog, but it can overshadow the professionalism and the purpose of your business page.

Once your Facebook page is set up, then you can begin the posting. Post status updates, but do so with caution and in a manner that potential customers can enjoy. A post every day or so is acceptable, but your business probably doesn’t need to be posting multiple times a day unless there is a contest running or some event that needs to be updated at intervals throughout the same day. When businesses post too often and clutter up someone’s newsfeed, they have a higher tendency to get unliked. Keep it casual and relevant in order to gain more likes and friends.

Build a Personal Relationship with the Fans

While you don’t want to post your own personal pictures and such on the business page, encourage your fans to do so. This might seem backwards, but it actually builds a relationship with them. Have them post pictures using your product. Show how the product is great for everyone who buys it or uses it. When their friends and family members see the pictures, they can like them and it ends up bringing even more fans to your page.

Build a relationship with your fans.

You can do this by adding comments about your business that only small businesses can provide. For example, put up a picture of your accountant and state a quirk or two of them that might endear them to your fans. Or show the shipping department if you have a business that relies on mail order to get the products out. When people can see a face to a name, it makes it more personal and they are more apt to come back in the future because of that relationship built.

Make the Status Updates Fun

There is nothing more boring that reading a dull article or plowing through a post with no purpose. Make sure that every status update you add to your business page has a purpose and is FUN! That doesn’t mean you have to have a joke or a video with a gag in it for every post, but think about one on occasion. Or don’t do any jokes but make what you write sound fun and interesting. Make the people who like your page want to come back more often and visit it just to see what you say.

Mix up the posts you put on display.

Some days use text, another day post a picture of a product, or even create a marketing video of customers using the product or saying why and how they bought it. Keep the types of media different so you always have them guessing what you will put up next. And when the media is mixed, it also makes it more interesting. Not everyone can watch a video if it is a work computer or not everyone cares to read text. But when you make all kinds of media messages to the customers there will be something for everyone to like.

Phrase your updates in a positive manner.

Avoid sounding like a Debbie Downer in the words you choose to use in a post. Always be upbeat so people leave your page feeling good and knowing you are positive in all aspects related to your business dealings. Remember that honey is always sweeter than vinegar and will attract more flies. Flies might be a bad comparison to fans of your Facebook page, but you get the idea. Being negative will turn people away from your business and your product, so avoid being that way at all costs.

What NOT to do on Facebook

There are a couple of things to avoid doing on Facebook. These can turn people off and actually prompt them to unfriend or unlike you, which could be disastrous! How do you keep all of your friends and likes and still gain more?

Don’t be a copycat!

Sometimes you might have the same sentiment as another company, but don’t have your style mimic another company in each post you do. Be original. Be fun. Be yourself!

Don’t copy or steal a funny picture of phrase from someone without giving them credit.

No one likes to find out that the post they just liked, commented on and reposted wasn’t an original to you, when they gave you credit. If you borrow it, admit it. But don’t borrow too often or your likes won’t think you have the capability to come up with anything interesting or new and won’t stay with you.

Don’t post meaningless posts many times a day just to stay at the top of the newsfeed.

This will get annoying, just as spam email does in your inbox. People will see too many and unlike you as a result to see less.

Don’t use improper spelling or punctuation.

This is a business you are representing, so pretend every post will be graded like an assignment you turned in for school. Put your best foot forward in order to impress the potential customers you are going to be meeting.

Don’t bash other businesses with similar products.

No one likes a hater, so don’t be one. Competition is out there, but be above them and make them jealous of you and your posts.

Using Facebook for businesses is a great way to expand your clientele. By being smart with the posts you create and the pictures you provide of your products, your page will be shared from friend to friend and liked. The more likes you get, the more people there will be to see your posts. The likes can continue to spread from there just by gaining a few at a time and continuing to only add valuable and smart posts. It’s an endless cycle that could really be positive for your bottom line of the business, so use Facebook with care!

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Post Date: January 30, 2012
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