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fb fansEven if you spend a lot of money on a Facebook fan package that includes real, targeted fans, that does not necessarily guarantee their involvement with your page, only their Like.  While having an interest in your industry or being part of your target demographic will make them more likely to interact with your page, you just never know for sure.  That is why, once you receive your first batch of fans, it is important to extend your own hand and get to know them, so they will be willing to get to know you, or your page that is.  Think of them as new neighbors and you are the community leader interested in making new friends.

Roll Out the Welcome Wagon

Just as if they have moved in next door, it is important to make them feel welcome on your page.  You want to make them feel like they are a part of your neighborhood as soon as possible, while the newness of being your fan is still fresh.  Extend a hello or a welcome greeting by posting on their wall.  You could even send them a coupon or a discount on one of your products right away to make them immediately see a benefit from being a part of your online Facebook community.  When you give them the welcome gift, you might also want to mention that you offer many coupons and discounts on your page throughout the month.  This will entice them to start looking for more.

Give Your Facebook Fans a Special Invitation

Many times when there is a new family in the neighborhood, a nearby family will throw a barbecue and invite them over.  This is so everyone can get to know each other and so that the new family can feel more comfortable in their new environment.  You can do the same thing.  Personally invite them to check out your page, to attend an online event, or to view your latest YouTube video that will fill them in on your company.  You could also invite them to join a discussion happening on your page in which you would enjoy hearing their input.  Sometimes people need a direct invitation in order to have the confidence to join in on a group activity or conversation.  Otherwise they may feel like they are butting in where they do not belong.  You will want to show them that you encourage their input.

Send out a Participation Request

Once they seem to be joining discussions and interacting with other page fans, you can move on to getting them to the next level.  Directly and specifically ask them to take on an important role in an upcoming promotion or event.  Not only will you be flattering them but you will also give them an opportunity to take ownership of something on your page.  You may have asked them to find and post a news article related to your new product or to come up with an idea for your next promotion.  Whatever you ask them to do, make sure it is something that they might consider fun and that they would want to share once it is complete.  This way, not only are you increasing their number of visits to your page, but also the number of visits from the friends and family they have mentioned it to.  Taking pride in a community, whether in a neighborhood or online, is a great way to maintain loyalty and to get helpful and positive contributions that will make it better.

Buy Facebook fans and Maintain the Relationship

After they have taken on a regular role, you can back off a bit.  Do not disappear from their page or inbox altogether though.  They need to know that you value their relationship and participation.  Otherwise, it might stop being rewarding for them.  Make sure to maintain your relationship with them by checking in now and then, by giving them positive feedback on their contributions, and by asking for their input once and awhile.  As your relationships grows, so too should their involvement in your page and the amount of additional traffic they bring to your site.

Buying fans in the first place will give you a big boost in your Facebook page traffic, and, if you do your marketing right, your main business site traffic as well.  That initial surge will die out though if you do not make sure the momentum continues to build.  That takes a little work on your end, but after a while, your fans will start to do the work for you.  You just have to welcome them into your community and get them to like you enough to do it.  That takes the establishment and maintenance of a relationship, even if it is only a virtual one.  Just remember, you do not just buy Facebook fans, you welcome them as new friends too.



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Post Date: April 27, 2012
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