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benefits of facebook fans

When you hear about the benefits of buying Facebook fans, or having fans in general, it is usually in terms of businesses.  Obviously, if you are a business, you want a lot of people to know about you, so it looks good to have a lot of people on board already.  If you are just an individual though, why would you bother buying Facebook fans?  Why would you worry about how many fans you had?  While most individual Facebook users only have a profile, if you have taken the time to create a Facebook page, you may be interested in finding out just how Facebook fans can benefit you.

Buy Facebook Fans As a Social Outlet

When you buy Facebook fans, you have an instantly large and active group of people who will now take notice of the posts on your page and actively participate in your feed.  If you love getting to know new people and interacting with them, then a Facebook page could be a great social outlet.  Maybe your page is meant to discuss trends, to gossip about celebrities, or even to mingle with other people of similar interests.  Buying a fan package will give you an instant group to get those conversations started.  You won’t just be a socialite on your page either.  You will be the popular leader of a group of focused individuals.  You’ll have the power to direct the conversation, create events, and to move a crowd to achieve your personal goals on the internet.  Best of all, you can keep it separate from your profile, so it will be easy to track and differentiate your friends and family on your personal profile and your groupies on your page.

Buying Facebook Fans As A Way to Share Your Wisdom

You may have a few friends in your Facebook list that love to post wisdom every day.  While you may find their wisdom inspiring now and then, you probably wish you knew when they were posting something of personal relevance compared to some all-encompassing advice.  For this friend, you might want to recommend they get a page and start building a fan base.  That way, they can use their personal profile for posts their friends and family would be interested in, and their page for their wisdom.  That way, each friend would have the option to Like their page in order to receive their daily advice.  Not only that, but by buying fans, they would have an instant audience, targeted to be interested in and ready to receive their quote of the day.  They would even get additional feedback and interaction from fans, which would probably make it more rewarding than their previously limited friend list had been.

Platform for Publication

If you are a creative individual, you might be looking for ways to get your work out in front of a public audience.  Even if your work isn’t quite good enough to earn you a commission, that doesn’t mean it can’t be published.  By creating a Facebook page for your creativity and buying fans, you’ll be able to get your work exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of people every day.  Through those people, you’ll probably get some great feedback, a few kindred spirits who will want to talk about your craft, and many avid admirers.  Maybe one of those people will even be interested in hiring you to complete some work for them.  Publishing your own work to a big group of fans is a great way to get a start, whether it be in art, music, or even writing.

Seeking Employment

Perhaps, because of the economy, you’ve been out of work for a while.  It can be difficult going up against a hundred other applicants for a job you found on craigslist.  When you get denied time after time, it can really set you back financially and emotionally.  There are ways you can make yourself stand out though.  By establishing an internet reputation, you can give potential employers something to see when they Google your name.  You might want to create a page for your professional resume, for personal and work references, or even for examples of your impeccable work.  It helps to have a large number of fans for that page, so that potential employers will see that you are in demand.  Even better, if you buy targeted fans for the industry you want to get into, you might end up with a few fans who own companies.  If your page is impressive enough, they might just decide to go from your fan to your new employer.

With Entrepreneurial Ambitions in Mind

Whether you already have a job or not, you might have some big ideas that you one day hope to turn into your own business.  If so, it’s important to get your internet reputation started and to see what kind of interest there is out there for your idea.  By establishing a fan base, you can test out some initial ideas, get feedback, use like-minded fans for brainstorming sessions, and maybe even attract the interest of an investor or two.  Once you are ready to start your business, it could be extremely beneficial to have that big group of fans already familiar with you and loyal to your name.  You can simply direct them to your new business website right from your page, or even start selling your products and services right there.

To Start a Movement

With so many people on Facebook these days, some politically-minded people have used it as a platform to start a movement for their cause.  While snail mail isn’t the best way to get people involved in politics, social media is.  You could start a page to spread awareness about an issue that you feel is important.  It could be about the environment, taxes, internet laws, and so much more.  Of course, before people go to you page, you’ll want it to seem credible and as though other people are already interested.  By buying a fan package, you could give yourself a great start.  Then, people who come to your page won’t hesitate because they are the first to join your movement.  Plus, if the targeted fans you bought are also interested in politics, many of them might get on board too.  Then, you can get an internet petition going, urge people to call their congressman, or even organization protests and rallies in support of your cause.  The power of the internet could give your movement a much better chance at success.

For the Scientific Approach

Some people are simply curious.  They love to watch people, to learn about why people do what they do, and to see what makes people react.  If you are like these scientist-types, you might enjoy the new people and opportunity a Facebook page can provide.  You can post polls, scenarios, and even start debates to see how your new group of purchased and found fans reacts.  You’ll get priceless data from all over the world without having to venture from your office.  This could be information to use in school reports, to inspire your work ad campaign, or even just to satisfy your own personal curiosity.  The more fans you buy, the more people you will have to involve in your studies and the more accurate your results will be.  Your results may even cause you to discover something interesting about the human condition or maybe just yours.

To Sell Something

Even though you may not own a business, that doesn’t mean you don’t have something to sell every once and awhile.  By setting up a Facebook page meant solely for getting rid of your personal possessions, you could advertise those items to a much wider audience.  If you want to make sure to give your friends the first look, posting your items on your Facebook page is much better than posting them on Craigslist where total strangers will be contacting you.  When you are ready to advertise to a wider audience though, it might be a good idea to buy some fans.  That way you can get people who are interested in those kinds of items looking at your page, which gives it a good chance of selling at a great price.  Some people have even been known to sell their cars and houses on Facebook.  They can post more pictures, show it to more people, and do it all for free, making their goods move much more quickly than they would have had they simply posted their ad in the local paper.

To Search for the One

Facebook was never really meant to be a serious dating service.  It was originally created to help people connect with other people no matter their social status.  You could create a page that focuses on your interests, ideals, and future goals.  Then, when you buy a targeted fan package, you’ll be sure to get a group of people coming to your page that share some of those characteristics.  Then, it will be up to you to interact with them and get to know each one.  With the possibility of searching worldwide, there’s probably someone in that fan package you’d like to get know on a more personal level.  Of course, even if you don’t find someone ideal, you will definitely receive more than a few hundred great new friends.  That’s the great thing about having a page as an individual.  The benefits of Facebook fans aren’t limited to exposure and profits, but in your case, could also benefit your heart.



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