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facebook targetting adsYou’re on Facebook all the time…so, doesn’t it make sense to buy Facebook fans and take advantage of the 400 million users of the site, all of whom could stumble upon your company ad?  Yes, it is a smart strategy but there are some specifics you should know.

First, Facebook ads (as well as the “sponsored stories” option you also have) are not strictly keyword based, as is Google Ad Words.  Instead, you are further targeting your audience.  The social network allows user merchants to pick who sees an ad, and this increases their chance of sales conversion.  They can also filter out demographics.  How is it determined who will buy Facebook fans?  Much like the Google search engine and its many complex algorithm updates, many factors can go into determining which “targeted viewers” are going to see your ads.  The ad factors concern the person’s demographics, as well as keyword discussions and other Facebook behavior.

Buy Facebook Fans with Either Regular Ads or Sponsored Stories

In case you’re wondering, the main difference between the sponsored stories and the regular ads is that sponsored stories are actually posts from your friends that are showing up on the feed.  The merchant pays to highlight these stories, which occur from merely interacting with Facebook in some ways.  They show up in news feeds, not merely the right hand side (where the PPC ads are) and which are often ignored.  For security purposes, only individuals you have already befriended are sharing or witnessing your activity on the network.  In fact, a sponsored story can be anything from “liking a page”, adding a comment, RSVPing to an event, voting on a topic or playing an app.

A Strategy Behind the Decision to Buying Facebook Fans

Buying Facebook fans cannot be regarded as a “come and go, wait and see” style of business investment.  Unlike regular SEO or social media marketing, this option does cost and it could potentially run up a huge bill if you are not careful.  (Although Facebook ads are cheaper than regular PPC ads)

The best way to get started is by developing a plan of action that addresses everything of importance, from individual goal achievements to more general directives, such as building awareness, driving sales and helping your fan base increase.  It is also vital that you, as the manager behind the social media campaign, try to reach out and socialize—taking advantage of Facebook’s many tools.  For example, many companies and contractors have found success by creating extra pages, or localized events, or even an app.

It’s important to remember that the Facebook advertisements system works according to the size of your network, as well as the interests and connections you have in common with the wide 400 million user populace.  One important part of the campaign is effectively targeting your ideal user, pushing for a sale.  You do have options for increasing or decreasing exposure, based on specific criteria.  For example, you can select a filter for:

  • Location
  • Language
  • Education
  • Work
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Relationship Status
  • Likes & Interests
  • Friends of Connections
  • Connections

Whenever you complete the first stage of the process you will be given a quote on the “estimated reach.”  Based on this information, you can adjust any of the criteria to increase your total reach.  Just be sure to keep the traffic relevant, as there is no sense in paying for traffic that will be uninterested in your proposal.  Meanwhile, you want to keep your estimated impressions count just large enough to reach a “wider” niche audience.

Honing the Ad When You Buy Facebook Fans

The next step in the process to buy Facebook fans is create multiple versions of the same creative (and yet clear) advertisement pitch.  Adding different images and body copy can help you identify any flaws in the campaign, and you may actually create a better version of the ad through practice and through research.  When it comes to creating the text in an ad, it is important to keep the information basic: all you are expected to include is your business name, page name, and other key information.  Along with this, a question or some sort of sales pitch is helpful.  It is also essential that you provide clear instruction on what action the user needs to take.

Images are also of crucial importance, as they are just as much a part of the pitch as the inviting text; use a professional image that is eye catching and closely related to your campaign in idea.  Once you create the ad, it is time to manage your budget and then determine if you want to pay Facebook via CPC (cost-per-click, that is, how many times users actually do take action and visit a site), or CPM (cost-per-mile, that is, paying by total impressions displayed).

You do have to also worry about going over budget—which is why you can set a daily cap amount as well as the bid price (and these can change every so often).  One of the key strategies of PPC is responding immediately and accurately to good trends.  When you notice one of your ads receiving higher impressions or clicks, it is best help increase its online presence by expanding the budget.  Meanwhile, you may have to kill ads that are not performing well.

You can base these decisions on the metrics and reports you receive from the social networking site.  The more you study the results and interpret the data along with your team of brainstorming marketers, the easier it will be for you to create, edit and restructure a campaign (if necessary).

Another factor to consider: time is of the essence!  You have the ability to view specific time periods of activity just so you can learn how your ad performance does in all hours of the day.  This could give you further insight into the mind of your targeted reader.  Lastly, remember to conduct market research, going straight to the minds of your customers, and to update your ads regularly so as to avoid the feeling of being stale.  It’s not enough to target…know how to work the Facebook tools and how to think like a customer before you decide to buy Facebook fans!

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