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There are a lot of ways to attract attention on your Facebook page. Whether you are a brand new business or an established business trying to get some more likes to your page, you want to do so in a manner that is positive. Don’t go out and start flame wars in order to get people to notice you. And don’t go out spamming in a lame attempt to get people to recognize your name out there on cyberland. The best way to get attention is to provide meaningful posts to as many people as you can so they either comment on the post, repost it to their site or share it to another page or group that may be of interest to them. How do you get those people signed up on your site? One way is to buy FB invites so that your page gets exposure to a lot more people who might be interested in your product or service.

Buy FB invites to get  Likes on Your Facebook Page

Getting the first couple of hundred likes on your page is fairly easy. You have friends and family members who will like it simply because they like you and not really if they care about the product or service you offer. They might, or they might just want you to stay in business so they either have a job or income coming in! But the good part is they will be your base and then if they comment on a post or share it, it is visible in the scroll on the top for all of their friends to see. The attention one post gets could be substantial, simply because all of your follower’s followers can see it as well. Think of each follower having an audience of just ten people watching…of those ten, two like it. Those two people have ten watching and two more decide to like it, simply because they saw their friends liking it and thought it was interesting. See how the exponents can work in your favor?

The Benefits of Having People Like Your Page

The more people that like your page, the bigger the audience is obviously. But with the new feed and being able to see everything a person comments on, then you can see comments your friends make on sites you might not have liked or become friends with yet. This is just like advertising. If they see a friend comment something snappy or link to a page, it might be enough to get their interest piqued so they check it out on their own. There is a chance they will then like you page and then the process continues and your likes will grow. What happens when the likes stop adding up and you are stalled with getting your message out? There are a couple of things that you can do and one of them is to buy FB invites as an effort to grow your readership and audience.

Buying Facebook Invites

Buying Facebook invites to your  page isn’t sinister like it sounds. It is a way to increase your likes so that you can get the word out faster. It will prevent you from sitting at that plateau and not growing your business. And what can happen when a business stalls? It can fail. No business owner wants to fail and go under, so buying invites can be seen as an investment in to the future success of any business. There are lots of ways one can choose to invest in their business, so don’t feel like Facebook is a waste of your money. Think of how many of those 500 million users you can reach comparative to an ad in your local newspaper? A lot more. And it will probably cost a whole lot less too, since newspaper advertising can be very expensive and not get great results if you are published on a slow news day or one that doesn’t have a high sell rate of the newspaper.

Getting the invites to your page can be a targeted process too. Are you looking for a specific age group to buy your product? Do you only want to market to people in a certain region? The invites you purchase can be narrowed down even by age and gender so you are reaching exactly who you want to reach. Since you are the business owner, you know exactly who it is that is buying your product and who you want to reach in order to sell more products or even to take advantage of your services. There isn’t a point in targeting prom dresses to male senior citizens, is there? Pick your audience and reach them directly in order to get the best results.

Other Campaigns for Increased Users to Your Page

One can employ other techniques in addition to the invites as a way to grow the customer base on Facebook as well. Cross promote your Facebook page on your Twitter feeds, through your signature line on your email account, with a post on a blog that is relevant to your business topic or even an article on a site hosting articles. There is no limit to how you can advertise your Facebook page for free. Just make sure the link works from all of those places and you can see the traffic lining up to like your page.

Once you get the invites to your page or the people who like it, then make sure the content is all relevant and important. Don’t go weeks on end without adding a post of some sort. Keep the customers in the loop every few days, even if there isn’t any newsworthy information directly from your company available. Use this time to post a link from another business in the region who will also work to cross promote you. Create a contest as a way to drum up interest and create interaction between all of the users. Contests can make them have to interact with their product and with you, so it is a win-win situation for your business. They can post pictures or comments in your updates, then their friends all see it. That might get more attention to your site and suddenly the plateau is lifted again and your readership and business continues to grow at a higher level than possible.

No matter how many invites you choose to purchase or how many ways you plan to promote your site, do it in a professional and smart manner. Don’t post updates that are offensive, full of spelling errors or don’t use the right grammar or punctuation. You might not be an editing service, but you should sound like you know what you are doing and be glad to have customers coming to you who appreciate your professionalism. Keep posting on a regular basis to continually have the interest level up on your page and so that people are always talking about it, sharing it or posting it to their friends’ pages. The more meaningful information, videos and pictures you post, the better your response rate will be with the audience. The more they respond, the better your business will do too!


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