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get-google-plus-onesThere are a lot of social media platforms out these days that can help you promote your business. Some of them include Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus One (Google +1). You might have seen the logo for it, since it is a box with the Google letter and the +1 symbol next to it. Did you skip right past it because you didn’t know what it meant? You aren’t alone, because it is a fairly new tool in the marketing bag for small, medium and even large sized businesses. How can you use it to your advantage and gain some new customers by utilizing it?

What is Google Plus One?

Before you can use it, you need to know a little bit about what the site is and does. It is basically a social media platform, but one that has a few more advanced features than Facebook. It takes the best from all of the social media sites and makes them available from this site. You can have lots of friends and likes, but then you can also group them in to sections to reach exclusively when you need to. This works great for targeted advertising, newsletters or even when you want to keep professional and personal contacts separate from each other. You can be specific with your message and get it to exactly who you want without worrying about overlap or sending a broadcast to too many people.

How to Effectively Use it To Promote Your Business

To get the most use from Google +1, you need to set up your page correctly. Creating this page is just like you would have done for any other site like MySpace, Facebook or any other type of account you have. When you are creating it specifically for a business, then be professional in the presentation. Only include photos that are related to your business, give out business information or cultivate contacts to use with your business. Set up a different personal page if you want to share vacation photos or tell people what exercise program you are trying on a certain day.

Once the page is set up, then you can take your contacts and begin creating the groups for them. The groups could be family (if you are blending your pages), friends, close friends, neighbors, associates, business to business contacts and customers. Make as many or as few circles as you would like to keep track of. And the circles can be edited down the road as your business grows or as the needs change and adapt to the growth of your business.

Getting Liked One More Time

Now, the trick is to use the page you set up to garner attention to your business, product or service. You didn’t think that simply creating the page and hanging out with your friends was enough to launch you to the top of the search engine rankings, did you? Of course it couldn’t be quite that easy. But the Google +1 system does make it fairly simple to promote your page so that you can get more likes in order to increase your rankings with the page you have set up. And it won’t take all of your friends signing on from different IP addresses in order to get your rankings higher. It might not hurt, but there is an easier way.

Promote your page with all of the avenues at your fingertips. Make a Twitter account where you can cross post links to your site. Set up a Facebook product page that links to your Google Plus One page. Get a Linked In account so you can connect with other like minded business professionals in your area or meet new ones that could compliment the business you own and operate. Link everything back to your Google page and see how fast the likes stack up and how much they increase you in the search engines.

Another way to organically get the likes up higher on your page is to write articles and blogs and post them to various sites around the Internet to gain exposure. The more exposure your site gets through many different methods, the more diverse your audience will be. A diverse audience will help to pull in more people since their friends or family members might be interested in what you are offering as well. Spread the word and ask for likes and then the likes will grow exponentially from there. Just make sure you have a good page that will support all of the attention coming to your site and not turn them away.

Buy Google Plus One Likes

You can also purchase likes from a business that will help to increase your rankings. They have accounts set up with individuals who will go to your page and like it from many accounts across the world. Since they are all spread out, it won’t penalize your page as people like it. Google won’t recognize that the likes aren’t organic, therefore your page will grow in popularity and increase its showing on the search engine pages. The more it grows from the paid likes you have purchased, the higher it ranks and then the more natural likes it will get. The cycle just works to keep promoting it and getting it closer to the top of the search engines based on your keywords, your product or your service when people type it in and look for it.

As a business owner you could choose to not purchase the likes for your page and wait for them to come in naturally instead. While that might sound like an inexpensive idea, it might actually cost you money. While you are sitting there and just waiting to gain on the search engine page, businesses that have paid for likes are climbing higher than you and getting the customer’s attention faster than you are. They don’t care if you want to wait or not, because they are enjoying the purchases that people are making off their site as you politely wait for the customers to roll to your site. Paying for the likes is inexpensive compared to waiting and not getting any business while all of your competitors are getting it. Being in business isn’t always nice, since you are to make a profit so you can earn a salary and pay any employees on a regular basis if you have them.

The short answer here is to not be polite. It is business and you are out there to make money for yourself, not some other business. If you wanted to help them out, you would have gone in to consulting on your own and been paid an hourly rate to tell them to go and buy Google Plus One clicks. Then they could climb the ranks like you should be doing and making more money than ever in your business ventures. Getting to the top of the search engines pages has never been made easier or faster when you use social media to your advantage and the tools that come with it. See you at the top of the search engine rankings soon!

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Post Date: March 12, 2012
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