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The Anatomy of a Successful Campaign: What Businesses Should Learn to be an Online Sensation

  It can be a bit ironic that as technology advances to make communication easier and faster, the gap between a company and its customers grow wider as what used to be opportunities for human interaction are replaced with virtual transactions. This division between business and market has grown rapidly and widely that transactions are […]

Posted By: admin
Post Date: November 21, 2014
Is Twitter the New Social Media Advertising King? Survey Reveals Twitter’s Influence to Pump up Holiday Sales

If there is still any trace of doubt left in anyone’s mind regarding the influence of social media on brand marketing, the recent study released by Twitter is sure to wipe away any hint of scepticism. DB5 Research, an established company specializing on research solutions, has revealed the ability of Twitter to impact the purchase […]

Posted By: admin
Post Date: November 9, 2014
3 Ways to Make Twitter Marketing Work

  Twitter marketing, today, remains at the forefront of social media marketing along with Facebook marketing.  You can hardly find any popular brand not on Twitter, and many companies use Twitter to connect with the public and with the customers. Because of the immense power of this network in growing any business, more marketers and […]

Posted By: admin
Post Date: May 4, 2014
Categories:  Blog, Twitter,
Real Time Marketing with Twitter During This Year’s Super Bowl

  Facebook may be the leader in the social media industry, but not all aspects of online marketing Facebook is the leading network. For real time marketing, Twitter proved to be the most effective during Super Bowl events. In fact, real-time marketing on Twitter during the Super Bowl tremendously jumped from about 8% in 2013 […]

Posted By: admin
Post Date: April 3, 2014
Categories:  Blog, Twitter,
How to Get More Retweets from Your Followers on Twitter

Retweet is a powerful marketing tool that can drive your Twitter marketing campaign to success. A perfect campaign consists of not just original tweets but a good mix of tweets and retweets. The best part is retweeting is way much easier compared to composing your own tweets. It will only take a split of a […]

Posted By: admin
Post Date: July 17, 2013
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