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facebook pageTen years ago, if you had mentioned the term “Facebook” to one of your friends, they may have thought you were having some sort of mild stroke and were babbling incoherently.  Nowadays, the term is as ubiquitous throughout the globe as plant life.  Facebook has grown to be a huge element for human interactions and only continues to develop new features to enhance the ways we communicate with each other.

It only makes sense that if you are trying to promote a product, a company, a service, or even simply an idea, then you would benefit immensely by getting on Facebook and creating a fan page for that product! When Facebook first started out, the site was restrictive as to what kind of pages could be created to display content. Now, 8 years in, Facebook has opened the floodgates for page creation, and millions have already gotten in on the action.

Fan Pages are All the Rage

If you look around your house at the products and items you have, chances are there is a Facebook fan page for each one of them. Fan pages are a quick and easy way for companies to be a presence on Facebook to be “liked” by customers and fans.  They have gotten to be fairly elaborate in terms of their designs and offerings.

Big time companies have a rather extensive bankroll to work with, so they get Facebook designs from top professional design companies. Unfortunately, this is not a feasible option for everyone starting out.  You could try and hire a designer to come up with the perfect page for your business, but even smaller firms can charge quite a lot, particularly if their work is worth their weight.

If you cannot afford to hire a website designer for your Facebook page, you can still take steps to improve the quality of the page you display. There are templates available online that you can usually obtain for much less money that can still give you an interesting edge for your page.  You could also hire a graphic designer to develop a beautiful image for your page’s timeline, which will cost less than having a designer complete the entire page.

Page Design to Get Your Message Across

When it comes to creating the perfect page for your purposes, you want a scheme that says exactly what message you want to convey to your fans. If you have a light-hearted, silly product you want to promote, then your Facebook page should project that feeling through the colors, images, and general atmosphere you cultivate on it. Pages can say a lot very quickly if they are geared towards expressing just the right mood.  If you have a logo, try to incorporate it in images that express the feel you want associated with your company or product. Get your page visitors accustomed to your logo.

Aesthetic design is a big part of creating an appealing Facebook page, but if you want to build up a steady following and get people returning to your page, it’s all about the content. Original content is always best, but even if you are carefully selecting outside content to share with your fans, if it’s interesting, relevant, and consistent, it’s going to keep them coming.

If you go to the most successful product pages on Facebook, you’ll almost always find this in common: They come up with fun and interesting ways to interact with their fans.  They ask questions, take surveys, provide games and trivia, start discussions, and get their fans involved with the page. It’s not enough to have your fans “like” your page once and then never think of it again. You want to draw in their participation, get them engaging with and relating to other fans, and have it all revolve around your page and your product.

Rewards for the Worthy

A great way to get your fans coming back to your page is to give them special offers and promotions for visiting your page.  Offer them discounted services, special deals, and limited promotions. You can hold contests and have prizes for the winners. Everybody loves a good bargain, and people really love the possibility of winning cool stuff. Play it up, and tap into your fans’ creativity. You can challenge fans to come up with a slogan or picture that relates to your service or product.

Photo contests are another effective way to engage your fans and also bring in new “likes” and fans. If you have people submit photos to be voted on by the number of likes they get, then fans will have a tempting incentive to involve their Facebook friends and relatives and get them to vote, too. The more fun and engaging you make your page, the more people will be delighted to participate in your contests.

Know Your Audience

One of the major tenets of marketing is to know your audience.  This cannot be stressed enough. The way you decide to organize and design your Facebook page should be determined by the audience you are trying to reach. If your product appeals to kids, you are going to need a more youthful, savvy approach to getting their interest than when dealing with adults.  Different users interact with Facebook in different ways. Doing your research and getting into the minds of the people you hope to appeal to will give you the best edge at creating targeted approaches.

Facebook has a number of tools to help you easily manage your page and keep track of all the activity.  If you get in the habit of doing at least one productive thing on your page everyday, you’ll help keep it fresh and interesting to your current, and prospective, fan base. As you build your reputation from the bottom up, you can always get Facebook designs later on to improve your page and give your fans a new interface to check out.



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