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When leading brands do not market through the social media marketing and stick to the traditional methods, they miss out on a big opportunity. Various digital marketing studies have revealed that 70% of the market is likely to transact with companies that have profiles on  social media websites like Twitter or Facebook.

Lately, national brands have joined the bandwagon of firms having conversations with customers on digital marketing platforms. Customer engagement ratios have been enhanced by the proliferation of corporate pages on social media. Unfortunately, those in the best position to engage the customers in conversations do not have as much access like franchises, dealers and agents. At times restrictions are imposed on interacting with local audiences.

According to digital marketing research studies it is essential to include them in conversations for the following reasons:

  • People searching for local business information on social media sites want to contact local businesses.
  • Most consumers that want to contact local businesses via the internet tend to succeed in doing this using a search on a social network after viewing the company’s profile.
  • 67% of searchers that looked at the social media profile actually bought something.

This is a strong indicator as only 54% of the customers buy things on other mobile and online channels. As such, leading digital marketing brands should allow their local retail outlets to develop distinct social media profiles. At the same time they should create a clear digital marketing plan to make their local social media programs successful.

Piecing The Information Together

There are many opinions to a successful plan for the implementation of digital marketing on social media like:

  1. Education – Among the biggest challenges local specialist need to learn how social networking sites function and how to use them to boost revenues.
  2. Coordination – You can utilize content management systems to develop up to thousands of local digital marketing profiles on social media like Vitrue, Hearsay and Involver.
  3. Measurement – Measurement of response channels should be done with stealth to gauge performance using purchase surveys, user comments and telephone line tracking.
Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: March 4, 2014

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