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YouTube is a formidable force in online marketing, and this is proven by the unceasing growth of YouTube year-over-year at a tremendous pace. Last year in 2013, YouTube achieved a milestone by achieving the 1 billion worldwide user mark, making it the second network to attain such feat next to Facebook. The massive userbase of YouTube makes it an excellent source of traffic to websites, aside from getting the other awesome benefits of YouTube marketing.

Many businesses today are now in YouTube, and popular brands are massively advertising in this network as part of their branding strategies aside from increasing brand awareness. There are many reasons why businesses should be in YouTube if they want to stay competitive. The stats showed that YouTube gets more than 6 billion viewing hours every month, and about 4 billion views each day. No doubt, YouTube is an excellent platform in getting your brand right in front of your audiences.

But to achieve success and better traction from your marketing, you have to formulate effective strategies and efficiently implement your plan. If you are still new to YouTube marketing and you are still at a loss on where to start, then here the easy steps on how to use YouTube to promote your business.


Step 1 – Open an Account and Create a Good Profile

Before all else, you have to open an account in YouTube, which is free and at no cost on your part. Therefore, cost is not a hindrance because creating an account is absolutely free. Once your account is verified through email, your next step is to create an impressive profile in YouTube. This is a crucial part because your profile speaks much about your business. This can greatly affect your company reputation and brand image, as well.


Step 2 – Create a Channel

Your channel will serve as a main marketing platform for your YouTube marketing. Therefore, make sure to build a good one that will truly impress viewers. The channel is like a main dashboard where all your videos will be shown. As part of the process of building your channel, add a description telling viewers what your channel is all about. Explain briefly yet concisely. Make sure that people will have a clear overview of your channel so that they can look for the right videos that appeal to their interest. This will also weed out those who will be not interested in your videos.

Also important is to add the web link of your main money site. This provides a good opportunity for you to build high quality backlinks to your site, thereby enhancing your search engine optimization. Moreover, organize your playlist, which is a crucial part. A properly curated list of videos can remarkably help users look for the videos they are searching for; this will also help increase the views of your other videos by leveraging on the popularity of similar videos in your channel.


Step 3 – Engage With The Viewers

YouTube is a social network that lets you socialize with the other users and with your video viewers, as well. Take advantage of the social setting of YouTube by actively engaging not only with your own viewers but also with the viewers of similar videos and with the other users. By engaging with other people in YouTube, you will not only increase the views of your videos but this will also build your brand image and reputation within the community.

Remember, reputation is important in any business, and this also applies to YouTube marketing. This will further improve click-through-rate and conversions. So don’t remain silent in the backdrop of your videos. Instead, promote comments and ask your viewers for their opinion and feedback. Don’t leave questions and feedbacks unanswered but answer the questions being asked from you and thank those you left a feedback or two.


Step 4 – Get More Fans

An important success equation of YouTube marketing is the fanbase. You should work in growing your fanbase by getting more fans naturally. You can get many people to start following you by regularly uploading powerful and entertaining or eye-catching videos. This is the reason why content is dubbed as the king in online marketing. Good contents will not only go viral but this will also attract more fans and followers. Therefore, focus on quality when making videos in order to motivate more viewers and to capture more fans, as well.


Step 5 – Promote Your Videos

Once you upload videos to YouTube, don’t sit back and relax while watching the rise of the numbers of views to your videos. Take note that there are about one hundred hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube every single minute of the day, and this means that your newly uploaded file will be quickly archived and get lost amidst the numerous files. Your video views will only rise once you start marketing your videos.

In a nutshell, YouTube marketing is a tough market, and if you want to be competitive then you need to stand out from the rest. Knowing the process of how to use YouTube marketing for business is just the start of the long road to success ahead. But having a good start can remarkably affect the outcome of your campaign.


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Post Date: April 17, 2014
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