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If you have been conducting Twitter marketing for awhile and your performance level is headed down along with the decreasing popularity of Twitter in the social media industry, then perhaps it’s about time to rethink your strategies and update them to include the latest apps and tools that Twitter has that can boost your campaign. One such tool is Twitter Card.


What Are Twitter Cards

 twitter marketingTwitter card is a new tool released in 2012 that allows business partners to present the contents of their websites in a more engaging manner. When fans see a tweet that contains a link they can expand the tweet to get a short glimpse of the blog and quickly assess its contents, videos, images, and so on. On the part of the marketers, this tool greatly aids them in expanding the visibility of their online stores to more users, and this can also help increase the click-through-rate of their tweets.

Twitter cards further enhance the user experience of its members. It saves them significant amount of time by reducing the number of clicks on redundant links, and by clicking only on those links that are somehow useful or relevant to their interests.

In short, Twitter cards give you several benefits that can potentially improve the performance of your marketing using Twitter. It can drive more visitors to your landing page, and it can also help increase your Twitter followers via content attribution. As a webmaster, it allows you better control on how your blog is displayed in your tweets.


3 Main Types of Twitter Cards

There are three main types of Twitter cards to choose from. Each type focuses on a specific type of content. They are as follows:

Player Card

The player card is the ideal type to choose if you have videos or audios in your web page. The card will highlight your video and gives your Twitter fans a short preview on what the video is all about. So, if there is a YouTube file embedded in your post that you want to share with your followers then use this card.

Photo Card

For web contents with images, the photo card is the best choice. Pictures will be featured as a preview in your tweet. Hence, your fans can immediately see the image in your tweet without clicking on the link yet. Therefore, to make this tool beneficial to your marketing, make sure to insert an awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing photo in your web post and tweet it to your fans. The photo can help attract more people to check your page, thereby increasing web traffic.

Summary Card

If you are sharing an exciting article then the use the summary card. This type is the standard type that allows you to give your fans a general preview of your shared page that includes the blog title, the short description, and the thumbnail, among others.

Using Twitter Cards for Twitter Marketing Campaign

Twitter cards can be used in variety of ways. One of them is to make your post even more engaging by adding amazing images and creative videos. By inserting these files in your web post, you will attract more users to check out your page.

If you have some products to promote, highlight each product by having a separate post along with a photo image. You can also insert a video about the product. This is very helpful if there are certain procedures that need to be done when using the product. For instance, products that require installation will get a boost in sales if there is a video showing how to install it. Such video can be highlighted in your tweet.

Another technique is to create a video review of the product and embed it in your web post. Insert the play card meta-tag in the page and tweet your post. Your Twitter fans will quickly see a preview of the video in your tweet, and if they are correctly targeted then some of them will eventually click on your blog to watch your video.

You can do the same with images. So the trick here is to insert eye-catching photos that will attract more visitors. What is good about the Twitter card is that it can boost the CTR due to the preview. It also makes your tweet stand out from the rest.


How to Use Twitter Cards and Add Them in Your Blog

In order to start using Twitter cards to boost your marketing campaign, there are a few procedures that you need to do. The process may seem technical, at a first glance, but if you carefully go through the procedures you will observe that the steps are easy and doable with the aid of some tools.

There are HTML codes that you have to copy, modify, and paste to the HTML page of your blog. But you don’t have to be a techy guy in order to do it, so chill out and don’t panic. There are only three steps to follow, and here they are:

Step One

Choose what type of Twitter card to use. Go over your web pages and find out what type of content that you would like to highlight. If there are many creative and attractive images then use the photo card, and so on.

Step Two

Once you have chosen the right card for you, the next step is to add the required meta-tags to your web page and test it using the preview tool provided by Twitter. This tool is easy to use; just input the medial URL or the HTML meta tags and you shall get a preview.

Step Three

The last step is to submit your work using the Apply to Participate form of Twitter. Fill up all the required fields and submit your blog for approval.


Take Home Message

Not all marketers are using the Twitter Card. In fact, many users are not even aware of its existence. This is good news for you because you can take advantage of this tool to get ahead of your competitors. Some of them may be aware of it but they do know how to use it to promote their web stores. You are fortunate today because this post hopefully opens your eyes and see the amazing wonders of this tool to boost your marketing activities.

Bear in mind that every day there are about 175 million tweets, and your single tweet can hardly be noticed by your followers unless it has something unique to offer and it stands out from the rest. The Twitter card is one way of making your tweet get noticed by your followers. It effectively sets your tweet apart from the rest and it easily catches the attention of the users, particularly if you have an awesome image or a preview of a video inserted in your tweet.

So take advantage of this wonderful tool provided by the network to boost your Twitter marketing campaign. You may find it quite inconvenient to use at first, adding those meta-tags to your individual page, but as you keep on using it the entire process becomes relatively easy to implement. Remember, an extra effort gives you an extra mile, and this will eventually help you get on top of the competition.

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Post Date: February 22, 2013
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