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If you are thinking of increasing your Facebook fans by using the Facebook fans services of a reliable firm, one of the questions that would first come into your mind is ‘will Facebook fans buy from my store?”  The answer to this question depends on several factors, and it is best to know what these components are in order to obtain higher returns from your investment.

While there are several methods of getting significant numbers of prospects and customers to your online store, funneling traffic from Facebook via the FB page is one of the best methods of obtaining highly-targeted visitors. Aside from that, Facebook has hundreds of thousands of active worldwide users; many of them are online using the social site every day.

This gives your online business a great chance to tap on the amazing resources of prospects in just one place alone. However, getting Facebook fans to your online store does not always ensure higher sales. It depends on the type of fans visiting your site, since not of all them have the need for your products; some of them may not be financially capable to purchase your products at all.

Targeting the Right Facebook Fans

If you want to experience bigger sales from your FB fans, it is important to target the right audience by strategically positioning your products to more specific types of fans. When setting an advertising campaign in Facebook, you are normally required to choose the types of fans to position your products. Some of your choices are as follows:

  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Groups
  • Industries

You must also do the same and use the above parameters when buying Facebook fans. With proper targeting of prospects and fans, you will experience tremendous increase in conversion rate.

Create a Compelling Sales Page

Having highly-targeted visitors in your site will not guarantee bigger sales and income. Even if your site already has the perfect prospects and Facebook fans, but if your sales copy is not very convincing enough to make them push the ‘buy’ button, your sales performance will still remain poor and below expectation.

You must, therefore, check and analyze your sales page to ensure that it converts well. Let other people assess and review your sales copy in order to make sure that it is really convincing enough to generate the conversion rate that you have projected for your online store.

This is important before getting more fans or purchasing a lot of FB fans from a reliable service provider. If you fail to do this first, you might only be wasting your investment on the Facebook fans buy services, only to lose much opportunity income due to poor sales page.

Nevertheless, getting more fans in Facebook is one way of increasing the sales of your online store. However, no matter how enormous your fan-base is, if most of them are not targeted properly for your site, then what good does that do to your business?

You must, therefore, ensure that you will not only have bigger fan-base but highly targeted visitors to your online store, as well. This must be in tandem with a high-converting sales page in your online store to achieve significant increments in sales and better business performance.



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Post Date: December 26, 2011
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