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buy facebook fansIf you own your own business and are busy with customers, you might not have the time to spend on attracting Facebook fans.  If you don’t have the budget to hire a permanent full time online marketing team, you might want to go with a quicker solution.  There are several web companies from which you can actually buy Facebook fans.  All you do is select your package and they will deliver the fans to your Facebook page.  It’s as easy as that.  Before you go out and buy the cheapest fan package from the first fan company you find though, you should know that not all fans are alike and where you put your money when it comes to those fans will make a big difference in the results you will get.  If you want to get the most out of the Facebook fans you buy, be sure to avoid making the following five Facebook fan rooky mistakes.

Don’t Buy Fake Facebook Fans

The first thing you want to avoid is buying fake fans.  That’s right.  There are companies out there who sell fan packages made up of fake Facebook profiles.  They use these dummy profiles to Like your Facebook business page to increase you fans.  Unfortunately though, that is where their service stops.  If you wanted a bunch of meaningless numbers, you could have created the fake accounts yourself and Liked your own page.  You want to get more than just a number out of the money you spend.  Check to see whether or not the company you are considering using delivers real or fake fans.  If they deliver real fans they will probably explicitly say so.  If they do not come right out and advertise the fact that their fans are real on their website though, avoid them.  You can also ask for references from past clients and go to those pages.  A little investigative work will help you determine whether or not their fans or real or not.

Don’t Buy Untargeted Fans

The next mistake social media marketing rookies make is buying an amazingly affordable fan package that delivers thousands of real fans, but they do not last.  Sometimes, the fans unlike your page or they simply never interact with it.  Why?  It is because they are not interested in your industry and never were.  They were simply paid to Like your page, which means once they get their payment, nothing is really keeping them there and they will not be very inclined to even check your page out at all.  These kinds of fans are called untargeted.  While it is easy to get a lot of them, they are not really very beneficial.  You will want to find a company that sells targeted fans who have been picked just for your industry or demographic.  That way, they will be more likely to take an interest in your page once they have Liked it and may even interact with it now and then.  Those interactions are what expose you to their friends, which means more potential fans that you will not have to pay for.

Don’t Start with the Biggest Package

Even if a company touts real, targeted fans, it is not necessarily a good idea to start out with their biggest package.  Some companies take a long time to deliver those fans, and some unethical companies never finish delivering them at all.  There are many small problems you could face in your relationship with less than reputable fan companies.  That is why you will want to begin with their starter package.  It may only be a few hundred fans, but at least you will be able to determine how professional the company is and whether or not they can deliver on their promises.  Then, if you deem them acceptable, you can always buy the next package up.  Also, the starter packages usually come at a great discount because they want you to try their service, so it is a good way to save money on your first round of fans.  Besides, those fans might just be enough to give your Facebook business page the momentum you need to gain fans naturally.  You do not want to end up spending more than you need to.

Don’t Buy All Your Facebook business Fans at Once

While searching for the right company from which to purchase your fans, you will probably come across the term “roll-out.”  This is referring to the rate at which your fans will be delivered.  If a company says they will deliver your thousands of fans within 24 hours after you have made your purchase, you should be wary.  When you get a thousand fans in one day, it looks very suspicious.  You want your fan number to rise gradually each day, so that your current fans and frequent visitors will see it as a natural increase in your popularity.  To ensure this, look for a company who will roll-out your fans at a natural rate, maybe delivering one hundred or so per day.  When dealing with companies who provide real, targeted fans, you will find that their roll-out is much slower.  Hopefully, this is because they are taking the time to search for the best possible fans for you, instead of dumping a bunch of uninterested people on your page.

Don’t Buy Without Doing Your Research

In order to determine all of these aspects, you will need to do some research.  Although this can be time-consuming and frustrating, it will pay off in the end.  As with any business decision that involves a purchase, you should take the time to find the best options, weigh them carefully, and research to confirm that each option is viable.  This will ensure that you are getting what you paid for and not being ripped off.  Additionally, it will ensure that your business will actually see a benefit from buying these fans.  That benefit should last much longer than the time it takes to purchase the fans and should give your business the momentum to increase fans exponentially from there.

Even though buying fans sounds convenient, it really does involve a bit of work up front on your part, but that should not deter you.  You can apply these same rules to buying Twitter followers, buying YouTube Likes, and buying LinkedIn connections too.  Whenever a new industry like fan companies gets really popular really fast, it is a good idea to know what not to do when it comes to dealing with them.  Otherwise, jumping feet first into a popular trend could end up costing your business unnecessary money.  If you cash in on just the right trends in just the right way though, you could end up seeing an increase in profits.  So even if you do end up using a Facebook fans service, just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes as those who have gone before you.



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