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Setting up a Facebook page to promote your business, website or yourself is a big first step.  Sometimes it is the simplest step because the next step can be pretty daunting: how do you go about attracting fans and getting them to like what you have to say and then hopefully your message going viral?

Build It And They Will Come

Facebook Page Fans For Product MarketingWhere do we start?  Well you can start by inviting people that you know, like your friends and business contacts or your social grouping.  If they know you, chances are they will be far more receptive to what you have to say.  If you have been at least a likable guy or gal, chances are they will try to help you out by passing your message along.

You can go to the Edit Page and then click on Resources, followed by Tell Your Friend.

The next thing you want to do is to upload contacts from your email or via a contacts file which should be in a text CSV format.  The bummer part is that Facebook is not talking to Gmail so you will have to import your contacts from that or any other places you might have stored your contacts, say your mobile phone or your software contact manager, into a CSV format.  Now that you have got that file, simply choose Upload in your admin of your Facebook page.

Do a shout-out to your friends and please remember to ask them to pass on the message.  Forget the last part and you will have friends going “Congrats!” and then sitting on their hands.

Make sure that you incorporate the Like button in your Facebook page as well as your product website.  If it isn’t there you can forget about increasing your likes – period.  Its like setting up a shop with wonderful goodies and forgetting to install a cash register.

Interact With Your Facebook Fans

Facebook Page Fans For Product MarketingIf you want to keep the party going, you will have to play the good host.  Make sure you thank people for their likes and comments.  Take negative remarks in your stride.  People judge you for that.  This has to be a regular process, meaning you have to log in every few days to virtually “shake hands” with those who bothered to show up and contribute.

Once in a while throw in something to shake up the “party”.  Announce a new feature, update some of the issues that people had talked about, talk about future plans, give testimonials and let everyone know that your product is something that is always changing, exciting and fresh.  Keep it at the top of mind for all concerned.  Heck, why not have a contest to get likes votes for Model A or Model B of your product, ask people for new ideas and feedback and give them a reward for contributing.  Get people feeling loved and involved.

Never forget the original premise and keep asking everyone to pass the message along.

Build Links To Your Other Sites

Facebook Page Fans For Product MarketingDon’t stop there.  Send out press releases, build Squidoo Lens, talk to columnists, insert articles in discussion sites, get involved in forums.  Link back to your Facebook page and soon you will have many “bridges” linking in to get more fans involved.

Make Use Of Other Social Media

Facebook Page Fans For Product MarketingUse Google+1, LinkedIn, Twitter, blog posts.  You can integrate these with your Facebook page except for LinkedIn.  Once you have set these up you can automate it so that once you have updates, your social circles will get the same message and you don’t have to run around getting the same thing across everywhere.While it is natural to look at your Facebook page fans as purely numbers and you start treating them as such, you must never forget that they are people like you who like something new and interesting to talk about.  So make an continual effort to attract more fans and nurture those you have.  Soon you will, like a well kept garden, have a flourishing page that is so delightful it naturally attracts other fans and viola! your message becomes viral over the Internet.



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Post Date: October 10, 2011
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