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Video marketing may be one of the old school techniques of online marketing, yet this strategy remains effective today amidst the unceasing rise in demand for videos online. While new marketing techniques are sprouting, you should not forego video marketing, and it should be added in your marketing mix for this year. There are many reasons why, and there are also many signs that tell that video marketing is one of the next big things in online marketing.


Reasons Why You Should Give Video Marketing Due Focus On This Year


  • Only about 22% of companies and businesses are planning on releasing videos in the next 12 months.

One of the great news for marketers is that even if the demand for videos is continuously increasing year over year as proven by the tremendous growth of YouTube’s userbase, only a few marketers are using video marketing as part of their marketing mix.

So if you are looking for opportunities to get ahead of the competition, then video marketing will give you just the opportunity that you are searching for. There is higher probability that majority of your competitors are not into video marketing, and only a few are doing it to promote their businesses online.


  • Videos bring good retention rate among viewers

According to one study, about 80% of the respondents who viewed videos were still able to recall a video ad they watched for the last 30 days. This means that video advertising is an effective medium for brand recall. This is, therefore, an ideal marketing plan for companies with brands, and for businesses that require more expansive exposure.

While other forms of advertising such as cost-per-click ads and cost per mille advertising are good, video advertising will not only give you more sales but enhanced branding image, as well, provided that your video content is excellent. This is also perfect in getting more traffic to your website. You can easily impart to your readers the benefits of visiting your website, or the bargain offers your site is offering right now to entice them to quickly act on your offers.

So if your budget permits, video advertising is highly recommended to be added to your campaign list. Sufficient investment may be required, but if you effectively implement the campaign, your probable returns will be higher.


  • Every month YouTube gets more than a billion unique users, and there are more than 8 billion video hours being watched by users worldwide.
  • Every single minute, there are more than 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube.
  • Every day, there are more than 100 million users watching videos across the globe.

The numbers above speak for themselves. It showed how YouTube has grown over the years and its growing popularity today. On top of that, it also signals the rise of video marketing and the toughness of the market despite the few companies planning to release videos within a year.

Because of the huge userbase, your marketing will quickly gain traction if you present your brands in front of your target audience via videos. But with so many videos being uploaded every minute, your content must standout in order to be widely viewed; otherwise, you may not get the traction that you need to achieve a milestone.


  • Approximately 59% of company executives prefer to watch videos compared to reading long boring reports

In a relatively stressful world, many executives could barely find time to read long mundane reports and spending extended time comprehending the message of the content. But if you present your business offers in videos, executives will quickly grasp and understand the message within a few minutes of viewing your content, and their interest level will remain high, as well.


  • The conversion of landing pages are improved by as much as an astounding 800% if there are videos in the sales copy.

In another study, videos proved to boost the conversion of landing pages by a whopping 800% compared to those without videos. It is also more than 6 times more effective than print ads. Other studies further showed that about 64% of the viewers are more likely to purchase goods or avail of services after watching online videos. All this data only shows the immense power of videos in attracting people to act and to buy.

However, the success of videos in marketing also lies in the content. The content must be unique and it should excel, as well. Call-to-action statements are ideally inserted in the video if you are promoting products and services, and the main marketing messages must be clear and concise.

In a nutshell, video marketing is just one of the many marketing techniques online. While it is dubbed as a conventional method that started since the rise of YouTube back in 2007, it remains an effective strategy even today amidst the newer techniques like social media marketing, podcasting, and infographics marketing. The above number further shows all the more reasons to add video marketing to your promotional mix if you want to get ahead of the competition.




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Post Date: May 17, 2014
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