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If you use social media as part of your business marketing strategy, then you already know how important Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers are. Google Plus can add to your fan base through Google Plus Ones. Similar to Facebook’s Like button, Google Plus has a Plus One button that lets others know they like your website or product, which is shared within their social connections. The number of Plus One clicks your site or webpage receives will also be shown next to the button, so others can see how popular your website is. Adding Google Plus is just another important aspect of your business social media mix.

Increased Page Views

When internet users see that someone in their social group has given a Plus One to a particular product or business, they may be curious as to why. By following the link, it will take them to your site, increasing your page views. Conversely, when visitors to your website see a high number of Plus One clicks displayed there, they may want to spend more time looking at other pages or posts to see what else has Plus One votes. Additionally, if a search is done while signed into a Google account, any Plus Ones from those in their Google Plus connections will be shown.

Higher Google Rankings

An important reason many businesses invest so much time in social media is because of its affects Google rankings. Google uses Plus One data as part of the algorithm that pushes your business website higher up in the search results, allowing your company to outrank other sites when the same keyword search is used. Simply put, the more Plus Ones you have, the better your business appears in Google searches. The bottom line of your business may depend on your search engine results, which is why taking in to account social media’s effects on it is so crucial.

Credibility Counts

Particularly important for e-commerce, you want visitors to feel they can trust you, especially if they have never visited your site or are unfamiliar with your product. A high number of Google Plus One counts on your site will lend you credibility and give visitors a sense of trust. For bloggers it is also important, since you will appear more authoritative and knowledgeable in your subject matter.

Monitor Your Stats

Google Plus allows you to view analytics to effectively measure the impact of your content and social campaigns. Find out where your Plus Ones are coming from, who is visiting your site, and how they are interacting with it.  It will give you convenient demographics reports and much more. This information allows you to know precisely what is working and what changes to make in areas that need improvement.

Increase Your Google Plus One Clicks

The best way to start taking advantage of all that Google Plus Ones have to offer is to increase your Google Plus One clicks. There are several different ways this can be achieved.

Offer Visitors an Incentive

Visitors will be more likely to give you a Plus One if you offer them something for free. For example, there are plug-ins you can install on your site that will allow you to direct visitors to a page with the offer only if they click the Plus One button. A nifty feature like that is sure to have a positive impact on your Plus Ones count.

Have Quality Content

Make sure the content on your site is relevant, unique, and well-written. Visitors are much more likely to respond positively when you have fresh and exiting news to offer them, and they will be more apt to return. Be sure to update your site with new content regularly, once a week at minimum. The other upside of having unique content (i.e.: not copied or repeated on your site) is that it will also increase your search engine rankings.

Purchase Google Plus One Clicks

Just as you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook fans, you can also pay for Google Plus Ones. If you decide to do this however, be sure to do your homework. There are many sites on the web offering this service, and the quality varies. As the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for.” The lower cost Plus Ones for sale are generally fake users set up by the seller, and may not stick around for long when Google finds out. There are real user Plus Ones you can purchase, but they will cost more. Consider your budget and needs when deciding.

Vary Button Placement

You can place the Google Plus One button wherever you want on your site, not just the homepage. If you have an e-commerce site, place it on every product page. Or if you’re a blogger, put it next to each post. Be sure to also place it in articles on other sites that have a backlink to your website too.

Simply Ask

Start an email campaign and ask your social contacts, friends, and family members. You may be surprised how many people are willing to help when they like your site and what you have to offer.

Thought by some business owners to be a simple fad, social media has become a leading factor in driving traffic to business sites, and more importantly, giving them a boost in search engine rankings. If you are not engaging in social media as part of your marketing plan, you are missing out. With social network tools like Google Plus Ones, you can instantly share your message within a large number of interested people.  They also give your site credibility, allow you to gauge the quality of your content, and most importantly, increase your Google search rankings. When it’s so simple to install the handy little button on your site, there’s really no excuse not to get Google Plus Ones for your social media marketing tool belt.

How To Get Google Plus One Button and add into a website?

Here is a simple and easy way to add or install the button.

  • If you want to add it manually to your website you can go to here to get the code and insert it manually into your website. You can follow the instructions provided or read the full documentation page here.
  • If you are using WordPress, it’s even more simple – all you need to do is to use the Google +1 Button WordPress plugin. You can download it here and then install on your WordPress site and start to adjust the basic settings.

I’ve added a Google plus one button into my personal WordPress blog with these plugin and here’s the screenshot of plugin here

Get Google Plus Ones



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