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facebook marketing tipsEven if you were never the Homecoming Queen or the Nobleman’s King at your school back in the day, you can still win in the popularity contest now. That is, when it comes to one for your business anyway. Get your business or your product on Facebook and start promoting it so you get a lot of likes and fans, which will indirectly turn in to customers and proponents of your business. How can you gain popularity on Facebook when you just have a “dull” product or service to offer the general public?

There are actually a couple of ways to get popular on Facebook, even when you think you have a product that is boring and can’t be promoted in a fun way. Everything can be made a little more fun with some help in the creativity department. Here are a few ways to make you one of the “it” kids on Facebook:

  • Come up with a specialty your page will become known for
  • Always put your best foot forward
  • Don’t be afraid of the snark
  • Encourage interaction on your page
  • Promote across the web

Have a Niche

Can you think of one of the pages you have liked on Facebook just because of what they post? There are probably several that you liked simply because they put up funny quotes or pictures that you could relate to and wanted to see when they were put up each day. Now turn the tables and make your site be known for something funny, witty, snarky or equally attention grabbing.

The pictures don’t have to be directly related to your product or your business, but it is best if they can relate somehow. You don’t want to have a page where there isn’t any correlation between the two, but they need something at least. Can you take funny pictures of your products? Can you describe your service in a funny way each day? Can you relate a story every day where you have run in to a situation or a person that would make other people laugh in a good way? For example, are you out selling a product face to face and meeting a lot of customers? If you are, then there are probably a lot of good tales you could relate about people in general that would be worthy of the public knowing.  If the story isn’t offending or picking on someone, write it for your fans and share.

Dress to Impress in Facebook business

Facebook might be a casual meeting place for friends, but you are still a business and need to act like it. Use your best capitalization and punctuation marks every time and you will impress all of those readers coming to your page. Too many times people have gotten sloppy in their presentation of a status update on Facebook and it turns people off. You want to be popular and cool, but skipping out on proper English is not the way to do it. Think of each post you are going to publish as a date with a brand new person. You want to impress them so they like you, so act your best in every way. The more you do, the more likes you will get for it in return.

Be Snarky with the Comments

Now, even though you are writing posts with capitals and punctuation doesn’t mean you can’t be snarky with them. Inject a bit of personality and wit behind the comments you are leaving across the Internet. Snarky isn’t a free pass to be mean, though. Snarky is where you can be witty, funny, creative, show off a bit of sass and truly make people laugh at what you are thinking. Snarky is not rude, offensive, vulgar or crass where other people would take offense. Offending someone is not the way to become one of the popular kids on the Facebook business block.

Encourage Interaction

Snarky comments, contests and pictures are a good way to encourage interaction amongst your fans. While they are interacting on your pages, it will show up to all of their friends in the new sticker that runs along the side of the page. The more often your business or company appears in the ticker, the more recognition you will get. People are very inclined to click on the pages that their friends are visiting. If yours has come up a time or tow, they might just click on it to see what all of the fuss is about. Then once they see your page, the cool pictures and description, then they will like it as well and you didn’t even have to ask, beg, steal or borrow.

Interaction can also be encouraged through a contest or something else fun that comes up through your site. A contest could be name the new mascot or give us a new tag line to promote on the website. Give them a chance to reply and comment on their replies. Publish their entries and then have the other fans vote on who has the best one. And because everybody likes to win, they will share your page with their submission to stack the votes in their favor. It’s a great way to get the friends and family members of those who already like your page to like your page! The liking just keeps growing.

Promote Your Page to get popular on Facebook

Don’t be afraid to publicize your page in every way you can think of. Add the Facebook link to the signature of your outgoing emails. Put a link from your company website to the Facebook page directly so people only have to click once before they arrive to your site. Make Facebook easy to find and then you will get more fans and increase in popularity without having to try really hard. Your effort should be put in to the fun and entertaining posts you put up that are drawing people in on their own to be subscribers.

One can also promote a business or a product page through a company newsletter. Make it a big deal that you have created this page and give it something worthwhile to do. The Facebook page can hold all of the contestants’ videos that entered in to your contest. It could hold pictures of all the new mascot ideas that were sent it. The coloring contest files can be uploaded and shared on a daily basis. Give your Facebook page a purpose and then it will get more popular than if it were to just be about product details or information on how to get service.

Getting popular on Facebook doesn’t have to include a lot of money from your budget. A little bit of research work and exploring through other Facebook pages will give you an idea of what you should post on your site to draw in more customers. What draws you in to their site? Why did you click on the likes you have? Make your page appealing on many levels so that no one can resist it once they cross its path. The more irresistible your page is, the more it will be shared and liked across the Internet.

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