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video marketingVideo marketing is now on the rise because of the tremendous results it provides to the online business; but this is only successful for as long as you are able to get views on Youtube by massive numbers. The main objective, therefore, is how to get enormous views in Youtube, enough to keep free-flowing traffic to the site.  Getting sufficient viewers to a YouTube video is getting more challenging nowadays, as thousands of videos are uploaded every day. Many people have spent significant amount of money to create exceptional movie-like quality videos, only to get few viewers when uploaded to Youtube. If you are one of the thousands or even millions of online business owners who opted to tap Youtube for marketing but less successful at the start due to low viewers issue, then perhaps the following tips can help you achieve your goal of being successful in your Youtube campaign.

It seems like when all the world is laughing, it is a good thing. That is very true and one way to get at least your piece of the world laughing is by creating a video surrounding your business or a product that is entertaining and fun. And fun doesn’t always mean laugh out loud funny. Fun can be attention grabbing, witty, clever, charming or even interactive in nature. Most of all, fun is what grabs other people’s attention so they either like your video, subscribe to your channel or tune in regularly to what you have to offer them. So how can you get the views on YouTube in order to draw attention to other aspects of your business?

Get A Meaningful Title To Get Views on YouTube

There are several parameters that you need to check before uploading the video to Youtube. One of them is the title. The first thing that readers will check when browsing through heaping files of videos is the title. Those with attractive headlines that spark curiosity are usually the ones that get the most number of clicks. Make the title shocking or awe-inspiring and your video clicks will enjoy better-than-expected numbers.

Size Does Matter

Another essential factor is the length of the video. Make it short and simple, yet appealing enough to make the viewers ‘Like’ it, or share it with their friends via email or through their websites.

Quality Is King

Similarly important is the content of the video. While there are several video marketing experts that would say that content is king, but this is not necessarily the case with video marketing. Good quality content is still vital for viewers to proceed further to visit your site for more information. But the key here is to provide a concept that is aligned with the content of your site.


Don’t give out everything that viewers will no longer need to visit your site. Rather, provide just a glimpse of what your site is all about. A short video that keeps readers wondering would be perfect; this should compel them to find out more by visiting your site.

Create a Meaningful Video

Sure, the videos posted showing off people getting hurt because they were stupid might be funny for a second. But what do you take away from the video? There are a lot of stupid people in this world who shouldn’t be allowed out in public. Since you can’t do anything about them, concentrate on what you offer up to the world. Don’t publish videos on your professional channel associated with your business that are anything less than professional. And professional can be fun as long as it is done in a tasteful way.

You can do a joke on a co-worker and catch it on film, but then also tie it in with one of your products or something new you are working on. Don’t make the joke harmful, cruel or even mean in spirit, just funny. People respond a lot nicer to kindness that they do cruel intentions, so always look out for whom else might be in the video.

Next, the video should have a point. If you are putting a joke in it, make the joke be how your employees or yourself aren’t getting any sleep because you are working around the clock to get the new super top secret product out. Show what silly things you are doing in your tiredness around the office but also hint or give a sneak peek of something that will keep them tuning in for more information. A picture of something covered up, a partial drawing or even an object in shadows will go a long way towards generating interest in something. If your video lacks a point, people will not watch it again or feel inclined to share it with others. The bigger and better the point is, or the better way it is presented, will get you even more likes and shares than a dull one with no purpose.

Publicity Works

Even though people complain about commercials on TV or commercials on the radio, they work. How many different jingles can you hum because you listen to the music associated with the commercial that you hate? Probably a lot more than you realized. If the jingles stay in your mind, obviously the product and the message are somewhere in there too. So use the same trick to get your video recognized. Promote it in every avenue that you can so people are repeating lines from it or humming along if you have included music on the track for it.

Where to Publicize Your YouTube Channel

When YouTube channels are mentioned, it might be a bit confusing for some. So let’s take a minute and explain exactly what a channel is. Channels are created by the users who upload the videos. For example, your company has a dozen videos or so that you have uploaded over the past few months. Putting all of those videos in one spot is your channel. Your company can have a channel where all of the videos you have ever posted will be shown. When you don’t create a channel, then other videos that have similar keywords can be featured on the side bar next to where your video shows. With a channel created by you, only videos by your company will show in the side bar, giving you even more exposure to people once they hit on one of your videos.

Once your channel is up and running and there are several videos on it, send the link to every place you can imagine. That doesn’t mean to spam all of the message boards and blogs with a random post, but you can generate links from worthwhile places. Do you have a signature line in your outgoing email messages? Add in the link at the bottom of the signature and encourage people to click it and check out what videos you have.

When there is a new video created that you want people to see, post the link in your Facebook status updates. The link will sit on your wall and everyone who has liked your page will then have access to it. Encourage people to like it and then all of their friends will see they have liked it as well. Their friends might be inclined to then view and watch, and earn you another new fan. The way social media works is by getting friends of friends of friends to like you, which in turn builds up your fan base. You will get more views on YouTube from all of your followers and that is only a good thing for you.

Why Views are Good

It might not seem like one view on a video makes much difference in the grand scheme of things, but it does. The more views and likes your video gets, the higher it will show up on searches that match the keywords you have entered in with the video. The more views you can get, the higher it will climb and before you know it, your video can be sitting at the top spot getting all of the first views for that keyword! The people watching the video might not all turn in to subscribers to your channel or even in to customers, but they will have seen your video and heard about your product or gotten your company name, at the very least. That is why having a message is important. You never know when your video could go viral and suddenly elicit tons of viewers who are clamoring for your products!

Get Viewership

Just like websites that need significant traffic, Youtube videos need significant number of viewers as well to be ranked high. Hence, promote it like you are promoting a website. Some of the options are search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, forum marketing, social media marketing, and so on.

Getting big viewership for a Youtube video file would require considerable investment in term of time and effort if cost is an issue. If you don’t have the luxury of time, you can easily outsource the whole tasks for just minimal investment on your end. Aside from that, there is higher chances of attaining success if the campaign is done by an expert.

Using YouTube For  Marketing  Can Be A Cost-Effective Option

YouTube might not be a conventional way to grow a business, but for small companies it can work very well. There isn’t a cost to having a channel on YouTube and uploading videos is completely free. How many other areas in your life can you claim are completely free, let alone one associated with a business? Not many. Take advantage of all that you can that is free in this world and use it to get some benefits for yourself. When you can get likes and subscribers who turn in to paying customers, you are doing even better in this world than most people. Don’t give up on your efforts to create fun videos with a message, because there are people out there watching and waiting for the next best thing to come along. And who knows, you might just have the best thing they have been waiting to buy!

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