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get twitter followersEven though it might seem like a silly tool at times, Twitter is still an excellent way to get your message out to a large crowd. When you are looking to get Twitter followers subscribed to you at a higher than normal rate, what do you do? There are actually a few free and a few pay for methods that will increase your readership substantially. Paying for readers will work out a lot faster, simply because someone else is doing the work. The free methods will net you results, but at a slower rate because they will require some time and effort on your part.

Free Methods to Get Followers on twitter

After a really good idea comes out, there are usually a few other ideas created to go along with it to make it even better. Once individuals and businesses realized that Twitter could only aid them in getting PR for their business, they came up with faster methods of getting and keeping subscribers. One of these ways was for them to create directories.

These directories work in a fashion where you join on to the list, along with thousands of other people who are looking to gain followers, and work together. The directories are set up differently, but they can include your link, what your keywords are (pick wisely), what region you are in and even what size your business is. Why do those things matter? Because other businesses in the same ballpark will subscribe to you and then you return the favor. You can search through the directory and subscribe to all of the people or companies that you want to and they will also be doing the same.

Some of the big directories include Twiends, Wefollow and Twellow. Wefollow is a directory where you can list your interests and your profile. Being specific with your interests will get you closer to the audience you are trying to reach, so pick ones that truly are close to your business. Being general or vague won’t get you more readers, simply because they won’t know exactly what you stand for, therefore they won’t click to add you. The more detailed you can be in what you do or offer, the more people there will be to tune in to you.

Browse Through Twitter followers

When you have some spare time – haha right? – you can always browse over the other users and just see who is interesting. Since you are just doing a broad search on the site itself, it might take a bit longer to find worthy subscriptions for yourself, but it can work. Search by interest or just randomly browse profiles. Once you have subscribed to several of them, then you can start commenting on their posts and generating more interest to yours as well. The more your name is out there providing relevant comments, the more notice it will get.

Be Interactive With Your Subscriptions

Instead of just finding people to subscribe to, look for specifically larger people that already have a big following. They might not be within your interest range, but they do have the followers that you might be after. An example would be a celebrity. Some celebrities have hundreds of thousands and even millions of subscribers, simply because of who they are. To take advantage of that fact, you can subscribe to them and become an active user on their site.
To be an active user doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot to get attention. Simply reply to their posts where it is appropriate. Add comments in to their pictures or posts and interact with other users who are doing the same thing. Once in a while you can add in to a post about what you do or look for an in to describe you or your business, but don’’ do it all of the time. Doing it all of the time will only make you look like a spammer. Spammers get flagged and then instead of growing your account, you are going through red tape and trying to get it unblocked.

Promote Your Account in Every Way

Think about adding Twitter subscribers even when you aren’t on the site. Add a link through your signature line on the bottom of your email account. Post a link to  it in your profile from your Facebook and Linked In pages. Make it part of your signature on the text messages that go out from your phone. There are all kinds of ways to point people to your account if you stop and think about it.

Paying for Twitter Subscriptions

Then there are always a few methods created that will land you more subscribers, but you have to pay to get them. Is this worth the money? Only you will be able to determine that answer. Here are a few methods that will cost you to receive.

Software. There is software out there that can manage your Twitter subscriptions. This software is sophisticated in that it will search out users by specific items you want. For example, do you want to grow your fan base in northern Illinois? Twitter will find all of the people from that region and sign you up to their subscriptions.

Now, the tricky part comes with what software you purchase and how it is set up. You can subscribe to another person, but you can also request they do the same for you. If they do not return the favor within a set period of time, the software will automatically unsubscribe you from their list! They might get one reminder or they might not get any, it depends on how you set up the notifications. You can then also keep track of those users in a list to never subscribe to or to add only when they add you.

The software will do what you can do on your own in a search, but it does it much faster. And the faster it can search through your requirements, the more people it will sign up and the faster your subscriptions will be able to grow your business. With the software being more targeted, it doesn’t waste as much time as if you were to just randomly pick through subscribers and choose to subscribe to them or not.

Whether you decide to pay or use Twitter followers for free is totally up to you and the role you want it to play in your business. There isn’t a right or a wrong answer to look for, but simply taking the time to find the method that works the best for you and your business. Growing Twitter subscribers might seem like a funny way to grow a business, but if each one of those subscribers were a client and then in turn told another friend or family member, then your potential client list suddenly grows exponentially. If you can keep it growing and exposing it to more and more people, you are growing your customer base and will be able to work with that many more people and even get that much more of your product or service out there in to the marketplace. Use Twitter to your best advantage in any way you can.

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