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youtube viewsWhen it comes to marketing, most businesses have commercials up and running for their products and services, whether they are on TV or on the internet.  While most of those businesses know that a professional looking video that makes their product look good is important, there is a bit more to it than that.  If you really want to hook your audience with your marketing videos, you’ll want to create a sense of excitement.  That’s not easy to do, especially when the customer knows you are trying to sell them something.  It’s all about the spin you put on your persuasion.  You will need some sort of unique angle that causes them to wonder and to engage in the message.  In order to cause some lasting excitement in your ads, you’ll need to put a little extra time and effort into producing a dynamic video.

Improve Their Life

For the most part, people buy products and services because they believe they need them or that having them will in some way improve their life.  That is why you see so many infomercials on TV.  They take the time to really show how their products or services can be used to improve the lives of their viewers.  The improvement could be as small as making a kitchen task faster, a home improvement job easier, or something as significant as benefiting the viewers’ health.  However small or large the benefits your product can bring, you’ll want to focus on making them seem enormous.  You can do this by creating an internet infomercial that shows several of your products helping people.  Your viewers will want to see the process of improvement actually happening.

They will want to hear the positive reactions of the lucky customers in the commercial, and they will want to know why it works.  You’ll need a spokesperson who is great at evoking excitement while staying on task and customers, or actors, who are easily impressed, or can at least act that way.  Be sure to list your contact information several times throughout the video, so customers will know where to go to make their purchase.  You don’t need your infomercial to be as long as the 30-60 minute ones you see on TV at night though.  10-15 minutes should do it.  Remember, both time and viewers move much faster on the internet.

Transform Their Environment

If your product or service can’t improve their life, perhaps it can make their life more bearable because it makes the environment around them better.  Perhaps you offer services like landscaping, interior design, home renovation, or other custom services.  You would do best with a marketing campaign showing how your services can transform the environment of your customers for the better.  You can host your own show in which you do a time-lapse improvement of an area.  You could also show several before and after videos and get the reactions of the customers.  Showing actual completed projects will be important.

It will prove to potential customers that you do good work.  Also, having real customers reacting to the transformation is great for getting viewers excited about their own possible transformations.  Be sure to list your contact information, so customers can make an appointment right away.  You want them to be compelled to buy right then, and having the number or email to do so will ensure they make the call before the excitement wears off and they change their mind.

Take Them on an Adventure with video marketing

Another approach you might want to try to instill excitement in your viewers is to introduce them to something or somewhere they have not seen before.  Seeing new things is very exciting.  It causes a sense of wonder and is great for evoking interest.  If your products come from interesting places or use unique technology and techniques, show them.  You can create a few mini documentaries about your company and products.  This will let customers know where their products are coming from and might even convince them to buy because that inside knowledge gives them a sense of loyalty to your company.

If your products aren’t all that original and don’t come from any exotic places or out of new technologies, you can still create a sense of adventure with your video marketing through its style.  Try informing customers about your products or promotions in a story-like fashion that has a choose-your-own-adventure style.  Then, split that story up into several separate parts.  At the end of each 30-60 second video clip, give them a choice.  You can embed two links, each pointing to different videos that contain more parts of the story.  One might take them to the factory, while the other could take them to the offices of your creative team.

If you want to be really creative, you could create an animated character or use an actor who goes on an adventure and somehow comes across your products.  The exciting part of this is that they get to choose where the story goes and all the while will learn more about your company and your product. Of course, the final choice of the last clip should take them to your site where they can make a purchase or find out more about your company.  Finding a way to balance the excitement and the sales pitch is the most difficult part of campaigns like this, but if you can pull it off, you’ll get a lot of views and hopefully a lot of sales.



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