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why twitter followers follow

Unlike Facebook users, Twitter users don’t limit their circle of contacts to people they’ve met. Instead, Twitter users intentionally follow people they’ve never met. It’s the perfect venue for celebrities to connect with their fans, musicians to connect with their listeners, and brands to connect with their customers. It’s the ideal balance of anonymity and publicity where celebrities aren’t afraid to share information, but followers feel privileged to connect with them. However, the anonymity can certainly make it difficult for smaller brands to find their fans. How do you find your customers amid the more than number of Twitter users worldwide is now about 400 million? Since it’s not as easy as sending a friend request, you might need to use creative ways to secure Twitter followers.

Promoting you company`s twitter account to get twitter followers

Promoting your company’s Twitter account is easy because it can be done for free and across multiple forms of media.  If you think your company would benefit from a large number of Twitter followers, the first step is making sure people know about it. Companies with constantly changing menus, locations, products or sales promotions would do well on Twitter. First, you should make sure you list your Twitter handle on your other social media sites. Your company’s Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and any other account should be linked back to your Twitter. That’s probably the first place your fans will look. You should also make sure fans can find your Twitter name on your company’s website in the “contact” section.

Next, you should promote your Twitter handle in any advertisements you run. Whether it’s a TV commercial, a newspaper ad, a newsletter or a direct mail piece, there’s nothing wrong with saying “follow us on Twitter!” Your fans will likely take the advice. As long as you don’t abuse your Twitter privileges by spamming your followers, your fans will get a lot out of following you, such as sale notifications and company updates.

Finally, make sure you appear on some “best of Twitter” lists around the web. Most likely, you’ll have to prove that your Twitter is worth following first, but think about some specialty lists you might do well on. There might be a best-of list for Twitter accounts in your city, or best Twitter accounts for the particular product or service you offer. While you might not be able to compete with the hundreds of hilarious celebrity Twitter accounts out there, you might find a few niche lists on which you belong.

Suggested By Twitter

Twitter keeps the reasoning behind their “suggested for you” lists a secret so that people don’t try to mess with them. However, there are a few logical ways that you should try to make sure you make it onto these lists. First, follow other Twitter accounts of companies that are similar to yours. Create a network with these companies so that your account becomes synonymous with theirs through the eyes of Twitter. Tweet regularly and only about the topics that your prospective audience would care about. Also, don’t be ashamed to ask for a few re-Tweets. When people re-Tweet your post, Twitter gives your account more authority, similar to the way in which Google uses backlinks. Re-Tweets will also put your Twitter before the eyes of more prospective fans, which is another way to gain followers.

Through Friends

Again, one of the best ways to garner some Twitter followers is through word-of-mouth, which in the Twitter-verse is the equivalent of re-Tweets. If one of your followers likes something you said, they could re-Tweet it so that their followers see it, even those who are not following you. For example, if you Tweet about an upcoming sale on your website, your followers might re-Tweet it so that their friends can reap the benefits as well. Then, those friends might become followers, and hopefully you’ve instigated an avalanche of new followers.  By getting as many followers as possible right off the bat, you’ll have a better chance of earning new ones when your existing followers share what you’ve Tweeted.

Online Searches

As long as you make your company’s Twitter correctly, your fans will easily be able to find your Twitter account by doing a simple Google search. When you create the account, make sure you list the name of the company fully and accurately in the profile. Don’t rely on an acronym and don’t make any spelling errors. That way, when people type the name of your company into Google followed by the word “Twitter,” the first link will be your Twitter handle.

If you have a popular company or a common name, beware of imitation accounts or accounts with the same name. If possible, make it clear that the Twitter you created is the authorized account for the business. Use the official logo as the thumbnail or make sure your description declares that it is the “official” account. Otherwise, potential followers might click the wrong account in their Google search and you’ll end up losing out.

Purchase twitter followers for you business

There are two ways that companies can purchase Twitter followers. First, they can pay for a service that finds Twitter users who have similar interests to the product of service offered, and they follow these users. There is no guarantee that they’ll get followers in return, but chances are they’ll return the favor. This is a good way to spend your money, as these followers will genuinely be interested in your brand. Many users may not have even realized that they’d fallen victim to this scheme when they followed a company who started following them. Another, less organic way to buy followers is to spend your money on fake Twitter accounts. This will make you look popular, but it obviously won’t help your sales.

Knowing how to get followers for your company’s Twitter starts with knowing how people find out who to follow. Twitter is truly a “social” media tool in the sense that people with shared interests can become evangelists for the brands and companies they like by re-Tweeting and following their favorites.

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Post Date: November 15, 2012
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