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get twitter followersAnother one of the social platforms that works to draw attention to a product or a service is Twitter. Twitter started out with a bang, but then when the popularity of Facebook grew, it lost a little of its luster. But it is still an important tool that can allow you to reach an audience that is across the town or across the country that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. And since you have just 140 characters to draw their interest, you had better do it right and fast to keep them! How can you get Twitter followers to build your business faster so it reaches the profitable stage faster?

Start Building Your Page To Attract Twitter Followers

Before you even build a page, you need to come up with an interesting name. You will want to incorporate what your business does, but not necessarily the exact name of the business. Unless people know exactly what your business name is, they aren’t likely to do a search and find it. The subject of your business might be better. For example, something like windchimemaker or loves2consult. It is a little catchier than a store name and could pick up hits based on the subject alone.

When you are looking to get subscribers to your tweets, then you need to post relevant topics to your business. After all, your goal is to build customers and a fan base of people who follow your business, not to get people to subscribe to you. To get more people to subscribe to you, give them information that is important to what they need and are looking for. Useless information can be sent out via the celebrities and people who don’t have anything better to do and aren’t worried about a business. You are a professional and want quality subscribers who could actually do something for your business.

As you set up your page, make sure to include a profile that describes your business, what you offer and why you are unique and they should choose to do business with you. Don’t make this dry or expand upon your budget or how much money you have spent in building the business. They don’t care about the details, only the end result that is fun and making them want to stop and take ten seconds to enter their email address to get regular updates from you.

Create Unique Tweets on a Regular Basis

Your tweets are limited to just 140 characters. That’s a lot of pressure to say something meaningful to get your point across and making sure it all fits! You might want to check out what you can post and play around with it a little bit to get the relevant pieces in. If you can’t fit it all in, then you can always post the information somewhere else and then use Twitter to link to it. There isn’t anything wrong with linking up to your other social media platforms to get your message out there.

Mix up the types of posts you publish. They could just be text one day to get a message across. One day it could be a picture to share of a new product or item you have for sale. Another day it could be linking to a video that displays how to use a product to their advantage. Different types of media will keep people more interested in actually looking at what your tweet includes instead of just passing over it when it comes out because they are known to be boring. Text can get boring, unless you run a business that can use humor in every product you are trying to sell. Being boring is a death sentence and can get you off their subscription list fast! That is not what you want, so keep it interesting by mixing it up, keeping it fun and being personable to everyone in cyberland who reads your posts.

Cross Promote With Other Social Media Sites

Don’t be afraid to use other social media sites to get attention to your Twitter subscription. If people are on Twitter to begin with, chances are they spend a fair amount of time on the Internet anyway. They could be on one of any number of other sites, so feel free to use the other ones to promote each other in order to get the most subscribers as possible. Don’t post the exact same thing on each site every time, however. Then they won’t think you have anything original to say and won’t bother to add you in other places besides one.

Use Facebook to publish a tweet that talks about a contest. Use Linked In to get the business information out to the public. Use YouTube to upload videos of customers using and raving about your product. Keep them separate, but always on the theme of what your business does and aims to do. Mix up the types of media you emphasize each week and always keep the content different, even if it is rewriting a few sentences. Don’t simply copy and paste the information from one page to all of the others.

Return the Favor

Make sure to return the favor of those who are subscribing to you. Follow other business leaders that you strive to mimic or use as a role model. Large businesses might have a sales level you strive to reach or else there is a business model you are trying to copy on a smaller scale. Either way, subscribe to other people you would like to read and that in turn might get you some more followers. Be active with your comments and interact with not only your subscribers, but the tweets you subscribe to. Interaction is always more fun for everyone when it is done in a positive way that draws attention to your business or products in a good light. Just think about where and who you respond to on Facebook, Twitter or through the other sites. Is it on the boring posts or the ones that are fun and have a point to them that elicits a response from you? Be fun and pattern yourself after other fun businesses to get and keep people following your tweets.

Getting Twitter followers is important only because it draws more attention to your business or product. You can’t depend on the success or failure of your business strictly because of the followers you have, but it can only help you when it is done right. The more people who subscribe to you, the more there are to hear the words you are trying to get across. The more they know about you and your product, the more likely they are to buy it and share the fact they bought it with their friends and family. Twitter is like a grass roots effort to gain more attention on a cyber-level, so you can reach people across the miles without having to spend a lot of money on an advertising campaign. It’s not to say you can spend money, but getting Twitter followers to your website and to buy your products doesn’t’ have to cost anything unless you want it to.



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