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After uploading a video in YouTube, a dilemma begins and that is how to promote video. This is a common problem among video uploaders. Getting views to your YouTube files is like getting traffic to a website. It’s no easy task that even some seasoned users of YouTube with hundreds of videos in their channels are still facing the same challenge for some of their newly uploaded YouTube clips.

Not all videos will enjoy high YouTube views. While others may become popular, perhaps majority will suffer low-view issues. But if you have strategies on how to promote video, then you can avert or minimize low-view problems. So create a working plan to promote your YouTube file. This is crucial in the midst of mounting competition. To start the balls rolling, here are some of the things that you can do.

Create a Channel that Stands Out

Above all else, create a powerful channel. This is much like a radio channel where all your videos are listed here for your viewers to choose from. Your YouTube channel can serve as a main platform for video marketing campaign. Therefore, create a channel that stands out. You can customize the looks of the channel. Make it look professional enough to earn trust among your viewers.

Advertise with YouTube

An excellent way to promote your videos is to advertise using YouTube. The network has its own ad network called TrueView. Bear in mind that YouTube gets around 4 billion viewing hours each month. What this means to business owners is that the probability is high that you can quickly get your business in front of your target audience, more especially if you advertise with YouTube.

Use Annotations

YouTube has this special feature called annotations. These are bubble texts that popup in videos at certain time-points, or during the entire clip. With freedom to choose what texts to insert in the annotations, you have infinite opportunities to increase views on your videos using this feature.

What is even more interesting is that you can insert clickable links in the annotation box. This makes it an even more powerful tool for marketers. Therefore, use the annotation to interlink your videos to increase the overall views of your channel. Harp on the popularity of videos with high view count by inserting annotations leading viewers to some of your less popular videos with low-view issues.

Integrate Social Media

Expand the visibility of your videos through social media marketing. Share your YouTube clips to your friends and fans in Facebook, tweet them to your followers in Twitter, and share them in Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest now accepts video uploads. So take advantage of the rising popularity of Pinterest by telling your friends about your videos to your Pinterest friends.

Engage with Viewers

YouTube is not just a video-sharing network but it is a social network, as well. Therefore, engagement is imperative. Don’t just upload files to YouTube. Rather, engage with your viewers by encouraging comments, answering questions, and by responding to feedback. As you regularly interact with your viewers, you will earn their respect and trust, and many of them will also check out the other video files in your channel.

Embed Your Videos in Blogs

Another way to get more views is to embed your videos in your blog, if you have one or some. But if you don’t have one, then that should not hinder you from doing it. You can still embed your videos by publishing guest blog posts. This is very effective, especially if you are going to make a guest post in popular blogs with many followers.

You should by no means constrain your efforts doing the above options on how to promote video. There are still other strategies, or you can formulate your own that is tailor-fitted to your business.

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Post Date: June 2, 2014
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