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If you’re using your channel for YouTube promotions and expect to win over mass audiences, you have your work cut out for you.  The truth is, people are tired of ads, and they don’t really want to subscribe to channels that are just meant to promote a particular brand.  That’s why you really have to be creative when coming up with your content.  You have to overcome negative expectations and then win those viewers as fans.  Instead of thinking of yourself as a company, consider who fans enjoy cheering for and seeing win.  Whose side do they want to be on?  Just like the underdog in any action movie or fantasy quest story, people tend to root for the hero.  If you take the perspective of the hero, your viewers just might become one of your loyal followers.

Venture Into an Unknown Land – Try Something Completely Original

The first part of any great hero story begins with a hero venturing into some unknown land or unfamiliar situation.  You can use this as a strategy.  Try to come up with something that is completely original and foreign to you.  Your brand new world could be a new, inventive product, it could be a very unique service, or it could just be the format with which you present your promotion.  You might even ask your fans to take your product where it has never been before.  Much like the gnome for that popular travel website, viewers may have fun sending your product around the world and taking humorous pictures of it.  Whatever you do, just make sure it is something that they are not used to seeing and that you are not used to doing.  This will interest them much more than a blatant push to buy your product.

Save the Damsel in Distress – Help out a Charity

Of course, the hero always has to save the damsel in distress, although in recent years women have also become strong hero characters.  You can use the same idea though.  Using the strength, knowledge, and money of your business, you can help out a charity in need.  Choose a charity that is related to your industry for the best impact, and be sure to present your charity fundraiser, sponsorship, or whatever you decide to do in a creative way.  People like to help businesses who help others.  Just like the hero, it will make you seem like a moral, upstanding organization that deserves to succeed.  This will make people want to help you succeed, whether by becoming fans of your channel or by buying your products and services.

Climb Out of the Abyss – Achieve a Seemingly Impossible Goal

At some point in every hero story comes the dark moment where it seems the hero cannot escape and prevail.  Somehow the hero must climb, fight, or think his way out of the abyss, which takes everything he has left.  When you pose a seemingly impossible goal, it does make viewers wonder if you can ever achieve it.  Whether you want to sell 100 cars in one day, get 1 million video shares in a week, or serve 500 customers in a month, they just won’t be able to believe you’ve set such a difficult goal.  Of course, you’ll want to get your fans in on the action so they can help you promote this enormous challenge.  It also helps to have an end celebration in mind.  For instance, you might announce that, “If we sell 100 cars in one day, we will donate 10 cars to charity.” or “If we get 1 million shares in one week, 50 of those viewers will get a free product.”  This will encourage people to participate in reaching the goal and make it much more achievable too.  As the counter on your website ticks higher and higher, people won’t be able to tear themselves away from the screen.  It works a lot like a telethon in that way, except with a modern twist.

Go Through a Self-Realization – Commit to Sustainability

After the hero overcomes his biggest challenge in the abyss, he realizes he can do anything.  He does have the power to succeed and it is his destiny.  In other words, he goes through a self-realization.  Your company can take stock of your own responsibility too.  Right now global sustainability is a huge issue and more and more businesses are going green.  If you can let your fans now that you are committed to doing the same, even if it is just one small step at a time, you may win a few more fans who respect your promise.  You might announce a new green line or products, a more efficient company fleet, or a new paperless communication and filing system.  You can encourage your fans to do the same too.  You might even compare your business’ new carbon footprint to that of a competitor to convince fans to switch.

Defeat the Evil Villain – Take on the Big Bad Corporations in YouTube video promotions

The hero’s most important win, as we all know, is the defeat of the evil villain.  While you may not have any dark wizards to take on in your industry, there are probably more than a few large corporations.  Everybody loves to see the underdog win.  If you can convince your audience that you are the underdog and you are competing against the big evil corporation, they may want to help you out.  Maybe you are a small business, maybe you are local, or maybe you are family-owned.  Whatever it is, be sure to let them know what makes you the good guy and why they should watch your channel and buy your products and services.  Then, your promotion won’t seem so salesman-like.  Instead, it will seem like the local hero who needs his community to believe in him.

No matter how you decide to connect with your fans, just make sure you don’t push your sales pitch too hard.  The more personal your company seems, the better.  The more entertaining and less commercial your YouTube video promotions are, the better.  If you really want to win fans, your company needs to be somebody or something viewers actually want to see win.  That’s the only way you’ll gain their loyalty and their Like.



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Post Date: March 20, 2012
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