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The Google plus one button may not be that popular at this time, but it can make a lot of difference to the overall performance of the site. Readers who love reading your posts get the chance to vote for your article by clicking on the plus one button. This will, in turn, be shared to the social groups of the person, as well as to the public.

The best part of it is that if your site or a page in your site receives a lot of plus one clicks, the number of votes will be highlighted right beside the button. This allows other readers to get more insights on the popularity of your site, enticing them further to check your posts out of curiosity as to why they are being shared by so many people. Thus, the more plus-one clicks your site has, the better will be its page views. This is directly related to increasing the traffic to your website as well.

Increase Google Plus One

It’s no wonder then that many site owners are launching marketing campaigns to increase Google + one clicks. Interestingly, you can also monitor how many of your readers or social friends have clicked on the button, thereby allowing you to effectively evaluate if your campaigns are on the right track. Aside from that, this can also be used as a gauge to measure the quality of the content, and the value it provides to the readers.

Contents with more insightful thoughts will definitely receive a lot of plus-one clicks, while articles with low quality information devoid of exciting news and fresh data will obviously receive fewer clicks or no clicks at all.

The plus one button is Google’s version of what other social sites are doing. Digg has the Digg it button, Twitter lets people share useful information to their friends and followers through Tweets, and StumbleUpon does the same with their ‘Stumble’ button; more importantly, Facebook has the ‘Like it’ button as well.

The plus-one button of Google works like a social search. It allows readers to check the most popular and widely shared news and articles. It can drive tremendous amount of traffic to the site. The popularity of the site as measured by its performance in Google plus-one feature helps improve the search engine ranking of the site.

Matt Cutts , Google’s Chief Engineer and Head of Webspam team, said that one of the key factors in search engine ranking nowadays is getting social. The +one button is Google’s solution on getting socially involved and earn credibility from others. This will eventually help in achieving better page rank.

How to Increase Google Plus One Hits

Many webmasters today are using the most common methods of search engine optimization. Building backlinks, article marketing, social bookmarking, ads placements, and various on-site optimization techniques are all but standard ploys today. But only few have taken the ‘less travelled by’ route towards getting to the first page of Google, which is by increasing the hits of Google’s plus-one button.

This is due to the fact that many are not aware of the impressive benefits of getting higher numbers of hits and its effects on search engine ranking. Therefore, if you are going to venture towards this campaign where only few site owners are doing, you will gain significant edge over your competitors for the same keyword phrase.

There are several techniques to increase your plus one clicks. Some effective techniques are listed as follows:


Ask your readers to click the button and share it with their friends if they find the article useful and worth sharing. A call-for-action statement always works, and readers will not hesitate to follow your recommendation if they truly like the information they receive from your site.


Give some perks and incentives to those who share your article via the plus-one button. There is a WordPress plugin that allows you to track users who click on the button. Incentives can be in the form of a free digital book, free software, free subscription, and so on.


Buy Google plus-one clicks. This is, by far, the easiest and fastest method. However, minimal investment is required from you. But the amount is also worth the convenience and the benefits that you will get. There are now several reliable companies that provide such services. They usually offer different plans to meet the different financial capacities of their customers.


Publish good quality and unique contents. Give your readers not only information they find useful and original, but also exciting and current news. News and current updates and developments on a particular topic or issue might give your readers a surprise that sharing them with their groups of friends would be the first thing that comes to their minds. So, be the first to report and you shall get plenty of hits on your Google plus one button.

Diversify your plus one button, not only in the homepage of your site but also in all pages and posts. Do the same with your articles posted in other sites that provide backlinks to your main website.
You should by no means limit your choices on the above methods of getting higher plus-one clicks. There are other effective techniques, but the ones mentioned above can already make significant differences in the overall performance of your website. While the ideal method is to have naturally increasing numbers of hits in your Google plus one button, buying hits accelerates the process and you can also get faster results.

The ideal strategy is to test and combine your techniques which work best. Get natural increase of hits, while at the same time buy clicks to increase Google plus one hits on your site and you shall be amazed on the amount of success you shall be getting from this campaign.



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