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why get fans for my pageBuying social media fans has become so rampant nowadays that many marketers and even some social users are enticed into joining the bandwagon of buying social signals for both business and personal reasons. Should you buy Facebook fans to boost your social media campaign, as well?

Before you decide on that, it is best to know the pros and cons of this practice, which is done by both small and big businesses alike. Take note that having a lot of fans can give you numerous advantages and personal gratification, but you must also be aware of the possible flaws. The long-term consequences might overshadow the benefits that will make this venture no longer a feasible one. But there are also instances when buying fans can work well to your business.

Pros of Buying Facebook Fans

Quick Social Media Popularity

Instant popularity is one of the main benefits, and it is also among the main reasons why many people are buying fans today. Having a lot of fans gives an impression of popularity. As a result, more fans will follow, out of curiosity and to find out why.

Thus, more fans attract more fans; this makes it an ideal strategy for starters or new marketers in dire need of a boost to their social media campaign. In fact, some businesses are buying fans just to attract natural fans. Once they are already enough real followers, then they stop purchasing fans.

Enhanced Reputation for Added Credibility

Aside from popularity, reputation is also significantly enhanced if you have so many fans to your business page. You can quickly build a brand image by having a lot of fans. A good reputation can help improve conversion rate and click-through-rate.

They’re Getting Cheaper

Another benefit is cost, which is now getting cheaper amid the rising competition. Because more businesses are offering paid fans, some are lowering their package prices to attract more customers. This works to the advantage of business owners doing social media marketing.

The Cons if You Buy Facebook Fans

High Risk of Getting Fake Fans

On the downside, one of the major disadvantages is risk. The possibility is high that most of the fans that you will get are fake. They were made by firms that offer paid social signals for the main purpose of following the business page of their clients, as well as liking certain pages.

Consequently, fake fans don’t usually engage. Therefore, your engagement rate will go down as the number of fake fans goes up, which is not a good sign for your business. Bear in mind that having a lot of fans is just one of the means and not the end-goal of your marketing campaign. If your fans don’t engage, then they will definitely not give you the other social signals that you need, as well. This means that you will not be getting Facebook likes and comments from fake fans.

Possible Damage to Your Reputation if Caught

While having many fans can improve your reputation, it can also damage your brand image if you are caught manipulating your fanbase count by buying them. So do it under the radar of the public eye.

Possible Loss of Investment

In many cases, buying fans is just a waste of money because of lack of social engagement and activities. Remember, the main goal of getting more fans is to enhance your engagement with a bigger audience to boost your business performance. If majority of your followers don’t engage because they are fake, then you are just wasting your hard-earned money buying fake fans.

However, not all services will give you fake fans. There are also some firms that are genuine with top-quality services. These are firms that will give you not just real human fans but well targeted followers. So, should you buy Facebook fans? Just weigh in the pros and cons to find out if this will work well for your business. Perhaps, one of the key success areas is finding the right service provider that will give you high quality and laser-targeted Facebook fans.

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Post Date: June 14, 2014
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