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Pinterest is now becoming a powerful tool in marketing. But just like any tool, its power lies not only on the features but on how it is being used. In war, you can be the most equipped marine in the battlefield, but still that doesn’t guarantee that your chances of survival are high. You will still get easily killed if you don’t know how to use your weapons. Similarly, Pinterest will only become a powerful marketing tool if you know how to make it work best for your business.


Set Your Goals


As a first step, you must identify your goals in Pinterest because this can greatly define your methods and strategies. For businesses with products, your objectives could be brand awareness or branding. But if you are looking for more sales, then your main goal can be to boost your sales and income. Aside from branding and increase in business performance, you can set your marketing to enhance your social media profile and to get more social signals. You can also use Pinterest to capture more subscribers and increase your list.


Create a Pinterest Business Page


Once your goals are set, the next step is to setup a business page in Pinterest. The business page is like the Facebook page that will serve as your main platform for marketing with Pinterest. This will also allow you to be identified as a brand or a business instead of personal. If search engine optimization is part of your goals, then a business page is imperative since this will let you plant a good backlink to your eCommerce site.


Tell A Story


You already have your objectives and your business page in Pinterest is done, the next step is the marketing proper. But before going to the hard core in selling, you must first tell your audience about your business. Tell them your story, how your company was incorporated and how brands were formed to meet the demands and unmet needs of specific audiences.

If you want to get inspirations on how brands tell their stories in Pinterest, just look at the dashboard of Pinterest and try to observe how brands tell their stories using photos and images. The point here to is to upload and share photos that depict your company image, its visions, and missions. Don’t aggressively promote your products right away. Instead, build relationship first to gain more followers. Once you have enough people following your pin boards, you can start promoting your products.


Ignite Inspiration


Many people go to Pinterest to get inspirations from others. Designers and stylists visit the network more often to get inspirations from the designs of other experts. While this works to the advantage of your competitors, you can do the same to inspire even the non-targeted audiences to get interests on your products or services.

Take note that Pinterest is the social network of choice among many businesses across different industries. But some niches stand out as the favorites by many users. Examples of these favorite niches are fashion, jewelry, food and recipes, and gift items among many others. So if your business belongs to one of these favorite niches then you can get good traction from Pinterest marketing.


Know the Audience


Don’t immediately hop on the bandwagon of marketing with Pinterest without knowing first what type of audiences that regularly hangs out in this network. This is important for effective positioning of your brand to the right people. While Pinterest users are diverse across age, interests, and gender, there are certain groups that stand out as the frequent users of the network; they are active, as well.

Based on a study, the biggest age group of audiences in Pinterest is the middle-age group aging 35 to 54 years old, which comprises approximately 45% of the users. This is followed by the young individuals aging 18 to 34 years old at about 32%. The remaining 23% of the users are seniors 55 years of age and above. This is somewhat similar to Twitter at 43%, 33%, an 24%, respectively.

What this data tells is that businesses targeting young professionals in their middle age will greatly benefit from Pinterest marketing because they are more or less targeted to the right audience by age. However, this should not discourage those who are targeting other age groups because there is still quite significant number of them hanging out in this network. But in this case, Pinterest should not be the main focus but an expansion of their marketing campaign.


Have Fun But Stay Focused


What is good about marketing with Pinterest is that this is a fun thing to do because the awesome images shared by others will surely amaze you. But you should remain focused on your business because the unique and sometimes entertaining pins will easily make you carried away towards the magical world of photos that you will eventually get lost in time. Nonetheless, it’s good to check out the pins of your competitors and from other successful brands in order to learn their Pinterest marketing techniques, while at the same time remain focused on time and your business goals.


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Post Date: April 26, 2014
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