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Twitter techniquesEvery single business or service that wants to succeed these days needs to have some type of online presence. That online presence could come in the form of a webpage, a social media page like Facebook or Twitter or even videos released out on YouTube. But with everything else on the Internet, you need to use a little bit of caution in order to only be presented in a positive light to all of the people in Cyberland. If the Internet is used poorly, it can turn on you and your hard work will all be for naught! Luckily there are a few tips to follow so that you only have success when you are using marketing techniques on Twitter in order to gain more followers who turn in to customers of the product or service you are selling.

Be Unique

Stop and look at how many Twitter users there are. Yup, those are millions of people and businesses who have accounts that you are in competition with. And you might not have thought about it that way at first, but it is a competition because you want to get them to click to subscribe to your feeds instead of someone else’s. Think about how many movie stars and celebrities who all have their own account and post glamorous photos and interesting stories. Can you compete with that? You sure can, you just need to always remember you are competing in order to get subscribers to your account and to your page.

So to compete, you need to make it interesting and unique. Don’t add another tweet that says, “Hey, we’re finally here. Tell your friends.” Booooring. Tell your friends what? To take a nap when they read your boring tweet that has no information that is worthwhile in it? Use humor, a unique slant and something catchy in order to make people search out your account and subscribe to it. Because when you are a viral hit, the word gets out super sonically and your tweets will be retweeted without you having to ask for them to be retweeted all of the time. People and maybe even other businesses will subscribe to you just because you have witty, interesting and fun posts they like to read as soon as they come out. That is the best method yet to gain subscribers and build up a following on Twitter.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Retweets

When you have started to build up a fan base, don’t be afraid to ask for them to share your tweets to their own friends as a way to grow your base even more. But don’t do it too often and always include something valuable in order for them to pass on. For instance, would you want to recommend a store or a restaurant to your friends and family members that served gross food or had bad customer service? No way. Think of your Twitter account the same way. It needs to provide a valuable service in order to remain relevant to your followers and in order to gain new followers. No one will recommend you of the posts are infrequent of full of fluffy information that has no point to it.

When you have a valuable tidbit of information to pass along on a product or a service you are offering that is new or newly priced, share it. Share it or something about it for a couple of days. Then ask your followers to share it with their friends ONCE. Don’t abuse the retweets or then you can be classified as a spammer. No one likes a spammer. So make sure you provide way more valuable information in your tweets comparative to the asks for retweets. People will gladly retweet you when the information is good and you don’t beg for them to do it all of the time. And that goes for months down the road. Don’t assume it is OK to ask for people to retweet you this week because you have been lax in posting and getting your own tweets out there for a month. Remain relevant all of the time in order to keep your followers high and engaged with your tweets and your product or service you are offering.

Follow the Internet “Rules of Use” for Best Results

What? Rules of use for the entire Internet? Yes, there are certain unwritten rules you should stick to when you are trying to gain the positive attention from those out in the cyberworld. And the biggest rule to pay attention to is the anti-spamming rule. Not only can being a spammer get you on people’s bad sides, it could get you flagged online so that you can no longer try and gain the attention of new customers who might like your product or service.

Spamming would be sending out multiple messages in a short period of time, asking for the same thing or along the same lines. For example, you wouldn’t want to send out four tweets in four hours asking for everyone to share your retweet that contained no information besides retweeting. And then if you keep it up day after day, you aren’t providing anything valuable other than presenting yourself as a beggar with nothing to offer. Skip the begging and provide valuable information on a regular basis, such as once a day or every few days and occasionally ask for retweets when you have great information to share.

Make the Most of Your Posts

You are limited to how much you can post, so use that space wisely. Grab the attention of the person reading your posts so that they stop and think it is funny, it was meaningful, it was valuable and it is important enough for them to share it without you having to ask. Even if you are new to Twitter, you need to pace yourself. Don’t flood your account with posts every single hour just to get your page filled up. When you are a frequent poster, it tends to make people skim your posts instead of actually reading them since you have so many out there anyway. Have a point to every post and limit yourself to one or two a day unless something really big and important comes along that absolutely cannot wait until tomorrow to talk about. But make it interesting and valuable so that everyone subscribed is glad you didn’t wait either!

Twitter marketing techniques can be very effective when you are using them correctly. It can take weeks and months to build up a big following on Twitter. But use caution, as it can only take one wrong tweet and you can crash all of your hard hours and days of work in to a small list again. Twitter is fickle simply because it is an online beast, so use it wisely in order to build your following and in turn your business presence on the web. Reaching people around the country and even the world is easy to do with the Internet tools like Twitter at your fingertips. Take advantage of them and grow your business in the process as much as you can.




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