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linkedin marketingLinkedIn is one of the most popular social sharing communities today with more than 135 thousand strong members worldwide. While Facebook remains the top social site with almost a billion global subscribers, LinkedIn is preferred by many businessmen and online entrepreneurs with about 71% US companies and business organizations using the site for various business reasons and to promote business with LinkedIn.

This data is based on a study that further showed that around 47% of online shoppers reportedly purchased from the companies they are following in LinkedIn. Thus, if you own a business and a website, you will definitely be left out by your competitors if you do not have a LinkedIn account, and if you do not promote business with LinkedIn.

Tips on How to Promote Business with LinkedIn events

LinkedIn has several tools that allow you to market your products and services using different strategies. One of the useful tools is the LinkedIn Events, with millions of members using this tool for various business undertakings. This is the ideal tool to use for event organizers, as well as those who have different activities to implement and various conferences to organize.

This tool aids you in promoting a special event to ensure higher number of attendees, making your job easier when it comes to achieving a projected level of participants. Major events like annual conferences and products launches, no matter how efficient they are organized, will not be successful with only few people attending the activity.

The number of participants is one of the key success areas of an event, and the LinkedIn Events feature is just the right tool to use to achieve your projections. The question at this point is how to market your business events in LinkedIn. Here are some tips to follow to make your upcoming business activity very successful.

Create an Eye-Catching Title

Be creative in your title to set it apart from the rest. No matter what kind of event you are going to have, it is more likely that there are similar events in the past. People may have been used to such events, and if they can’t see something special out of it through your title, why would they attend your event. Hence, make your title appealing to grab their attention to further read the details of your upcoming activity.

Add a Powerful Description to the Event

A simple yet powerful description on what the event is all about, what benefits will the attendees get, and why they should not miss it may be enough for some prospects to hit the ‘register now’ button. If you don’t do well in creating an impressive description, you will be losing a lot of probable attendees.

Add a Logo to your Event to Promote Business with LinkedIn

Many events look similar in the list of events. What differentiate yours from the others are the title and the description. But if you have a logo, your event will easily stand out from the rest.

Highlight the Salient Points

List down in bullet points the important details such as the location, time, and date. Make sure to emphasize if it is a live or a virtual event as well. Use the right keywords to capture the right audience and place the keywords in the labels sections.  Moreover, list down the main highlights of the activity like the key figures or local celebrities who shall be attending the occasion, the freebies or giveaways for the attendees, the exciting booths you shall be setting up, and so on. These things will help attract more participants to your activity and even attract others to invite their friends to book and attend.

Provide an Online Registration

There is no point of promoting an event without giving your prospects the chance to reserve and register online. Many people shy away from onsite registration because of the hassles of falling in line for your turn to register. On-site registration fees are higher as well compared to the fees of advanced registration, in most cases. You will be better off if your online registration is offered outside of your site and managed by a firm with utmost expertise and efficiency on this aspect.

More Tips on Promoting Your Events

Do not limit your promotion within the LinkedIn community. Go out and spread the news on other communities as well. Facebook is one of the best places to start expanding your promotion. Tell your Facebook friends and fans about your event and encourage them to share it with their followers. Do the same with Twitter.

Moreover, blog about your event to capture more people to attend the activity; the best part of blogging is that you can explain the details to your prospects. Make sure to add the link to your blog in your LinkedIn event.

You can also advertise the activity if you have the capital. Place ads in some well-respected sites with high monthly traffic. You can also use other advertising campaign like the pay-per-click advertising. Set a budget and target the right people for a higher ROI.

During the Event

Bear in mind that promotion does not end when the event starts. Even during the event, you must start planning for the promotion of your future events. Hire a professional photographer to take high-resolution photos and videos of the entire activity.

Upload some of the photos and a glimpse of the video afterwards in your LinkedIn account so that those who attended your event will have something to remember. You can even get more income from this by selling a copy of the video or a photo album of the event as memoirs for the attendees.

The events tool of LinkedIn still has more powers aside from the above strategies on how to promote business with LinkedIn. It is best to make use of the tools to better promote business with LinkedIn. Your upcoming activities can only be successful with many attendees. This is the aspect where LinkedIn marketing comes in; to gather more participants so that your events are more successful than ever before.

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Post Date: July 19, 2012
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