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real time marketing with Twitter


Facebook may be the leader in the social media industry, but not all aspects of online marketing Facebook is the leading network. For real time marketing, Twitter proved to be the most effective during Super Bowl events. In fact, real-time marketing on Twitter during the Super Bowl tremendously jumped from about 8% in 2013 to an astounding 25% more or less this year 2014. This is a far cry from Facebook, which saw a slight decline this year compared to last year at approximately 5%. This only shows that Twitter is the marketing platform of choice when it comes to real time marketing.


What is Real Time Marketing?


By definition, real time marketing also known as RTM is a promotional method on-the-fly in response to real world events. This is best done during well participated events like the Super Bowl, where many spectators are very meticulous of the ads. During Super Bowl events, the creativity and ingenuity of brand managers are tested; each has its own marketing technique of capturing the attention of the crowd. But Twitter takes the center stage of marketing, where most brands use as their main platform for marketing.

Real-time marketing is quite unique from the traditional marketing, which is usually an outbound method where marketing programs are formulated and implemented to a pre-defined marketing. In this case, this is an inbound technique where programs are created based on opportunities that arise at any given time. Quick decision-making is, therefore, imperative in order to quickly come up with a plan.

During Super Bowl, different brands uniquely interact with the same crowd, grabbing a piece of their attention. Many people usually turn to Twitter during game breaks, and this is where real-time marketing comes into play. Brands make tweets about their offers by connecting or associating them with the outcome of the game. Since this is a fast-paced marketing, Twitter obviously provides the best platform compared to Facebook.

For this year’s Super Bowl, some top brands came out the winner, but there are also companies that failed to gain enough traction, while one only ended up with many backlash. That is why real time marketing is reserved only for the best in marketing; if you are a green horn, perhaps you are better off out of the race at all than potentially doing harm to your brand image in the end.

One of the top winners of this marketing strategy during the Super Bowl is Oreo, which has a short but powerful tweet – you can still dunk in the dark. Strategically, this was tweeted during the unintentional blackout. This tweet was retweeted approximately 15,000 times. Its followers also jumped to about 8,000 more fans.  Oreo is just one of the many companies that saw a tremendous jump in retweets and number of fans during the Super Bowl. This only shows the power real time marketing to boost the performance of any business if done right.


Infusing Real-Time Marketing to Your Online Business


RTM is not only applicable to companies with tangible products; this can be applied even to online businesses. But in order to apply this marketing technique, you need to identify events that create good opportunities for you to insert your Twitter marketing on-the-fly. A good example is during Cyber Mondays, which is a very popular event in the United States of America for online shoppers to catch the greatest bargain of the year.

During Cyber Mondays, many shoppers are in the buying mode, and most of them are bargain hunters looking for the best deal they can find during the entire day. This is the best day for marketers to show off their bargain packages to attract more people to grab their offers. But the competition is also tough since most businesses are offering discounts and similarly attractive offers.

In order to capture more audiences to your sales copy or landing page, you need to gather a huge crowd, and one way of doing that is marketing with Twitter. In this case, you can implement real-time marketing by tweeting your offers at appropriate intervals without spamming your followers. You can tweet how many items are left at greatly discounted prices so that potential buyers will rush to purchase the goods that they want before the stocks run out.

This is also applicable to digital products. You can offer time-limited discounts during certain times of the day, or you can tell your followers to monitor your tweets regularly during the day for the time when the product goes on sale for 70% off for only a few minutes. This method will potentially get a lot of retweets and followers, as well.

In essence, real time marketing is not just for brands, but this can be applied to any business where opportunities just pop out from nowhere, providing great opportunity to promote your best offers with great potential to get good response from your audience. This is best integrated with and to enhance your Twitter marketing for best results.

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Post Date: April 3, 2014
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