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Just like Google, YouTube also makes regular changes on its ranking algorithms. Therefore, businesses using YouTube Marketing must be always on the lookout for the recent changes Google makes on YouTube’s video discovery features to keep their strategies abreast and on top of competition. This can further help them reposition the marketing strategies to be properly aligned with the changes to get the best results.

In its ongoing bid to enhance the user experience of viewing videos, YouTube rewards files that keep the viewers fully engaged. This is done to compel video-creators and flash experts to give more focus on quality rather than quantity.

youtube time watch algorithm

How Does Google Assess the Quality of the File?

There are several ranking factors used by Google when it ranks video, and one of them is the viewing time. The time-watch update proves that viewing time is now given more emphasis than before. Time-watch basically means the average time a viewer spends watching the video.

This is sometimes confused by many webmasters. Many of them think that long files are at a great advance over short videos since the viewing time is way much longer. However, this is not what Google means when it launched the time-watch algorithm update.

A long video that lets viewers watch the file for several minutes doesn’t necessarily get better page rank over short videos with only a minute or two of viewing time. What this update is focusing on is not the amount of time a user spends watching the file but on the percentage of the entire video being watched by the user.

Thus, if a person completely views the whole file, even for a short while, it will be ranked better over a long file watched for several minutes but only 50% of the entire video is viewed.

In short, videos that are watched in full length are good in the eyes of Google compared to files that are not viewed to the end due to poor in quality; which is true, because if the video is interesting and the quality is great then there should be no reason for viewers to leave and not watch the file to the end.

Not watching the entire length of the file is a clear indication that the viewer is bored, or the file is not worth watching anymore due to poor in quality. So if you want your file to rank better then focus more on quality and in keeping the interest of the viewers to keep them fully engaged to the end.

YouTube Marketing Tips in Today’s Search Environment

Marketing using YouTube used to be focused on the number of page views. They are like backlinks to the site in SEO world. So if the video is popular because it is widely viewed worldwide, it will rank better. This is much like the past search engine environment wherein blogs with thousands of backlinks used to dominate the top pages of the search results, while websites with only a handful of backlinks are pushed down to the farther pages of the result.

The horizon has significantly changed today and things are a bit different. Videos with high page views are no longer getting the SEO benefits it used to enjoy. The time-watch update is now concentrating on the engagement of the users. Therefore, modification of strategies is required to focus the marketing campaign on quality for better engagement.

Create a Compelling Title for Your Videos

Your title attracts people to watch the video. So make it stand out among the rest. There are millions of videos in the site, and they are sometimes shown in thumbnails at the side bar. If your headlines are appealing, some viewers might even stop watching the file being shown and click on your videos.

Tag Your Videos with Your Target Keywords

One of the common flaws in video marketing is failure to tag the file with the target keywords. YouTube videos already gain a ranking advantage because they are hosted in a well-respectable website with Google page rank of 9. So optimizing video files for the search engines is easier compared to inserting the video in your blog instead.

However, you must still properly insert your main keyword phrase at the right places. This includes placing the keywords in the title, inserting the phrase in the meta-description, and inserting them in the tag section of the file. Observing these things will increase the visibility of the video file in search engines.

Use YouTube Analytic

Google has now integrated the annotation reporting and the time watched in YouTube Analytic. This tool allows you to track your audience engagement and better understand them. Google believes that getting to know more about you’re the behavior of your audience can significantly help you in building successful channels by precisely catering to the needs and general expectations of your viewers.

This tool is capable in generating valuable reports and important data regarding the performance of each video that you have uploaded, as well as conduct a split-test to check that will give you a better grasp of the type of video that gets good performance.

Among the key features of the analytics are the annotations report, the date slider, the metadata, the compare metrics, and the video hovercard. These are excellent components that can push you ahead of the pack, especially over competitors who have no knowledge on the YouTube Analytics tool at all.

Make Your Videos Unique

Among the millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every month, your file can hardly be spotted unless it stands out from the rest. To make it truly different from the others, create unique and exciting videos with useful content. Regardless if it is about a product, about a service, or about a company, it must be something worth-watching to the end due to its creativeness and uniqueness.

One of the triggers of spikes in pages views is sharing. Viewers that appreciate your files will more likely to share them with their friends in various social sites, and this will ignite a viral marketing. Thus, create videos with sharing in mind.

One of your objectives should be to upload only the files that are unique and shareable. By focusing on quality, you are leveraging on the power of sharing in further capturing more people to view and watch your show.

Your Business and YouTube marketing strategies

Marketing using YouTube can potentially give your businesses the needed boost in performance. But sometimes the results can be depressing if the outcome fails to meet the expectations. To achieve success, your strategies must not only be effective but updated with the current changes such as the Time-Algorithm.

One of the crucial points of success is search engine optimization and optimization for YouTube’s internal search engine that can get organic visitors to watch your videos. While the number of page views is still among the ranking factors, more emphasis is given on user-engagement. That is why your YouTube marketing strategies must also start to shift from quantity to quality. So, if you do a great job in creating good quality videos, your files will become more visible to your audience in the top pages of the search engine search results.



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