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social media marketingHumans are an adaptive species and nowadays nothing changes so rapidly as technology. It seems every year or two a new service or feature arises that completely transforms the way people interact with each other, their environment, and also changes the way they do commerce. With social media services like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and FourSquare, there are so many new and exciting ways for your business to engage and interact with customers. If you do not take advantage of all the possibilities available with social media platforms, you are severely limiting your business’ growth potential.

There is something exciting about social media. It is so new, and yet social networking has spread faster than a strong wind across the globe. When you get on board with social media, you immediately appeal to a large group of active users who may never have interacted with your business otherwise. No matter how small, localized, or new your business is, social media platforms can help you grow a following. Your business can increase, and do so rather quickly, if you make use of these tools available to you. The best part is, if you are smart and consistent in promoting your business and getting the word out, you can achieve a great level of success without much of any initial financial investment.

Here is an overview of ways you can easily start implementing adding social media into your business marketing plan using various sites to help grow your business!

Using Facebook social media marketing for Your Business

Facebook is a Goliath when it comes to presences on the internet. It is thought that there are over 900 million active Facebook users. Chances are very good that many of your customers are already avid Facebook users.  It is also very likely that a large number of your potential customers are on Facebook, as well.

Becoming a presence on Facebook starts with creating a profile page for yourself. Next, you want to create a fan page for your business.  This fan page can serve as the go to for customers who want to gather information about your business. You want your fan page to express the personality of your business, and also relay helpful and interesting information. On your Facebook fan page, you can tell the story of your business. How did you get started? What were your motivations? What keeps you going? What do you hope to provide for your community?  You can really give your customers an idea of who you are and give them the opportunity to get to know your business using Facebook.

If your business has a storefront, be sure to advertise that you are on Facebook. One way to get customers to “like” your Facebook fan page is to offer coupons or incentives to customers who have visited your page. The more people you can get to take notice of your page, the more people will see it.

Facebook allows you to share photos with your fans. It is a great idea to have a large collection of fun and interesting photos showing your business in action. You can convey a great deal about your business by including positive, fun, and engaging photos.

One tactic used by many successful businesses using Facebook fan pages is to engage your fans. Don’t just feed them content and assume they will stay interested. Create fun ways that they can interact with you, and also give you feedback. Ask your fans what they like about your business? What changes can you make? This shows you are advancing your business and really taking into consideration what your customers want. Visitors to your page will be impressed and will likely want to check out your business in person.

Facebook also gives you the option to advertise for your business. This costs money, but could prove to be very lucrative in drawing in customers who see your ads.

FourSquare for Your Business

FourSquare is an online social media platform that lets people interact with others and their environment using their smartphone devices. Users can log on and “check in” at different venues, and their status will show up on FourSquare. FourSquare offers numerous options for incentivizing customers’ visits to your business.  You can create a page on FourSquare that gives information about your business and allows you to offer deals and to advertise events. FourSquare is most popular in more populated cities where users are more likely to have a lot of others also using the app with whom they can interact.

LinkedIn for Your Business

LinkedIn is the largest online professional network around. LinkedIn is an essential tool for networking and connecting with other professionals in your field. In connecting with peers, you can exchange ideas and get advice, find resources to help you build up your business, and find potential customers, as well. LinkedIn is where you can connect with others and talk “shop”.  You can join groups on LinkedIn that relate to your business and meet others who have a similar business and more experience.

Using YouTube video sharing for Your Business

YouTube is a video sharing site where users can upload videos for others to watch and comment on. There is an enormous amount of people using YouTube every single day. If you can create video content that is interesting and engaging, you can use that video to help promote your business and bring attention to it.  Make sure to link from your YouTube videos to your business website or your other social media profiles.

Spreading the Word

Think of social media as a new form of communication, much like the telegraph or the telephone. You can’t run a very efficient business in this day and age unless you have means to communicate with your suppliers, customers, employees, or colleagues. The more social media platforms you participate with, the more means of interacting and drawing in business you have available to you.  Using social media for your business not only opens up promotional abilities, but also gives your customers an efficient way to find out information about your business and communicate with you. Show your customer base that you are keeping with the times and you can still keep your business’ unique identity, even while using technology to watch your business grow like never before, as a result of your effective social marketing.



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