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How LinkedIn Dominated a Decade

In internet years, 2003 seems like the dark ages. Myspace was being discovered by the general public, flip phones and Palm pilots were the “mobile space,” and today’s top startup founders were still in high school (some in middle school)! This week 10 years ago marked the launch of Linkedin  – the world’s first social […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: May 10, 2013
What Nielsen Social Media Report Really Means

If you grew up watching television in the 80’s, you probably remember knowing someone in school who was a “Nielson family.” What this meant is that they voluntarily submitted their TV viewing habits to the Nielson company, which was then compiled and averaged for ratings information across the country. In this new era of media […]

Posted By: CWarden
Post Date: December 12, 2012
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