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Google Plus is one of the newest social networking sites on the scene. It started with a limited launch in June 2011, and has been growing at a steady rate since. Google Plus offers some unique features not previously included on social networking platforms. For instance, with Google plus you can organize your contacts by “circles” organized however you choose. That way you can control what information you are sharing with what people and can keep some order to the growing chaos that is the internet identity. You can sort your circles by groups of friends, fellow alumni, professional contacts, etc.

Google Plus also has the “hangout feature”, which enables users to video chat with one another through the service. As Google Plus grows, it will be interesting to see what additional new features continue to pop up.

 the Advantages Of Google Plus Ones

Google Plus Ones- New Tools

One of the features that Google Plus offers is the Google +1 button (also known as Google Plus One).  This is a button a lot like the Facebook Like button that appears on pages throughout the web, allowing you to share things you find useful or interesting with your contacts on Google Plus.  By clicking the Google Plus One, you can help make pointed suggestions and get advice from those you know (and who know you). It is a much more personal and interesting way to share information and interests with the people we know and care about.

If you are a Google Plus member and you are signed in when conducting a Google search, results that have been Plus Oned by one of your contacts will show up in your search. This adds a personal relevance to the results showing up in Google, which had previously been produced by some mysterious algorithm.

Having a Google Plus One button on your website can greatly increase the organic traffic you are drawing to your page. Google Plus Ones can grow your site’s exposure exponentially. The best part is that Google Plus Ones are not limited to just those who use Google Plus. Having a growing number of Google Plus Ones on your website will increase your site’s performance in Google rankings, as well. So, by including Google Plus One recommending on your site, you’re really benefiting twofold.

Raking in the  Google +1 Button Pushes

So how do you get Google Plus Ones on your page? The first step, of course, is to have a Google +1 button for your viewers to click. You can get the code for a button straight from Google. The button should be placed in an easily visible and prominent place on your website.

Now, there are lots of services out there offering to sell Google Plus Ones to whoever is willing to pay for them. Some of these services may be more reliable than others. If this is the route you choose to take in increasing the number of Google Plus Ones on your page, I suggest you do your research and look for positive reviews. Google is very good at weeding out suspicious sites and spammers, so the more legitimate and organic clicks you can procure for your site, the better. This is not to say you cannot purchase clean, legitimate Plus One clicks. But you will be dishing out some initial cash.

In fact, a quick search returns a staggering amount of returns related to purchasing Google Plus Ones.  The prices seem to vary slightly, but on average $50 could get you around 500 Google Plus Ones. That could potentially have a substantial impact on the ranking of your site. But if the Google +1’s are not coming from genuine users who came across your site because they are interested in it, then you won’t really get the benefit of the recommendation part of Google Plus One.

ortunately, there are many other ways you can increase the likelihood of getting Google Plus Ones on your site, and some of them are very simple.

The quickest and easiest way to get your viewers to click your Plus Ones is to ask them to! Draw attention to the button. “Hey everybody! Look at this new fancy button! If you click it, a rainbow will shoot from your screen and a golden unicorn will gallop around the room! Not really!” Whatever it takes. Make it fun and interactive. Remember, Google Plus is still relatively new, so viewers are still getting used to the service.

Another method is to offer a real incentive (as opposed to a mythical creature) to users who click your Google +1. With Google Plus Ones you can customize the button to be a part of your site. You can give a free eBook, subscription, or other special option to whoever clicks your Plus One.  It’s win-win!

The best way to encourage your readers to Plus One your site is probably to provide interesting and entertaining content for them. Keeping your blog relevant and up to date will help encourage viewers to return to your site and they will likely want to share it with their friends and loved ones. You can have multiple Google Plus One buttons throughout your site distributed on different pages, which will only increase the likelihood that your readers will click one of them.

Billions of Clicks and Growing

Though Google Plus still has a ways to go in order to reach the same membership numbers as Facebook, do not underestimate the potential of Google Plus One.  Google is by far the most widely used search engine, and with the unique and interesting features Google continues to roll out, it will only grow in popularity. Keep in mind that a link my friend suggests to me is going to seem immeasurably more interesting than one that pops up robotically. This is the true power of Facebook likes, and now Google Plus Ones. If you can grow the number of readers who are sharing your site with their friends via Google +1, there’s no telling how much your traffic will grow in a short matter of time.

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Post Date: January 29, 2012
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