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It can take some time, even weeks, to build a fan base through Facebook that’s not only considerably large in size, but large enough to entice other potential fans into joining that fan base. Sometimes, building natural fan interest through Facebook isn’t enough. Some businesses just want to see results fast.

Since building Facebook likes takes time and can become an extensive process all on its own, a lot of business owners decide to buy Facebook likes. Is buying Facebook likes the right choice for most businesses?

The true worth of Facebook likes

Facebook likes are actually worth a lot to a business, even when Facebook is pretty much ‘the norm’ for most people on the web. This was recently demonstrated via a survey conducted by the social media management company Syncapse, who queried 4,000 Fans of the top 20 Facebook brands and subsequently analyzed their purchasing activity.

Through their efforts, Syncapse found that the ‘value of Facebook fans totals to $136.38.’ They also found that Fans actually ‘spend an additional average of $71.84 on products they otherwise wouldn’t purchase or consider themselves Fans of.’

Fans were also ’28 percent more likely than non-Fans to continue using certain brands.’ In addition, ’41 percent of Fans were more likely than non-Fans to recommend a product.’

This means that Fans who take the time to Like a business’ Facebook page are more likely to remain loyal and receptive to their business movements.

This is exemplified by the fact that many prospective Fans of a business brand are likely to Like a Facebook page if they see that a business already has a good amount of Likes from their existing fan base.

So, is buying Facebook likes to stimulate Fan growth the answer?

Are there benefits to buying Facebook likes?

Buy Facebook fansOn the web, there are many web services dedicated to providing Facebook likes for businesses and individuals to purchase. Many of these websites make buying Facebook likes as simple as clicking a few buttons, making a web payment and waiting for said likes to register on their Facebook page. Is the price of buying Facebook likes worth the boost?

Businesses and individuals simply buy Facebook likes to stimulate their brand. Buying such likes simply makes their page look more full, which in turn, can potentially make people want to Like the page themselves—and start a cycle of more people liking that same page.

The thing is most people might look at your page views, since Facebook now has indicators that can tell people about the ‘power’ of your business on the social networking platform. When users see this, they might interpret that as you buying likes for your page. After that, they may leave your page if they don’t believe those likes are genuine.

In other words, people are catching on to social media tricks like buying Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes isn’t a bad thing, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do in a social media marketing campaign. Encouraging people to like your business page starts with giving them reasons to like your page in the first place.

The easiest way to encourage this starts with running promotional offers, contests and offering coupon codes related to your products and/or services. Many, if not all, fans on the social network enjoy getting a good deal, so encourage them to like your page to get something out of exchanging that like.

Speaking of exchanging—your relationship with your Facebook fan base is more or less built upon exchanging valuable information and incentives for their continued loyalty. If you want to have a successful Facebook marketing strategy—without relying on buying Facebook likes—that’s something that’s important to keep in mind.


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Post Date: December 8, 2013
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