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marketing using youtubeWhen you own a business, you probably created a business plan for the bank that detailed all of the ways you were going to advertise and market your products. Did you choose all of the traditional routes, like radio ads, TV ads or even printed ads in the local newspaper? That’s great of you don’t mind staying a local business. But what about some other non-traditional methods that might make your company go viral and grow to other regions of the country or even the world? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. There are all kinds of ways in which you can use Internet sites to promote your company or your product to the masses and one of them include YouTube.

Videos? The Internet? How can that be a good way to promote my products? How will a video tell about the service I offer to customers? Actually, a video is an excellent way to reach not only the customers who might be local to you, but ones who are far away but still want to take advantage of what you have to offer. How can you use YouTube to promote what you have to offer?

  • Detail the Products
  • Explain a  Service
  • Share Funny Stories
  • Highlight Your Employees
  • Create a Contest
  • Give Sneak Peeks

Explain the Products that you are using YouTube to promote in Detail

Making a video to share the details of what you make is a good idea, as long as it isn’t done in a boring or dry way. Yes, people love to see all of the colors of shoes you have to offer. But simply a picture of one after the other put in to a video clip will bore the living daylights out of them. Have real life models walking around in the shoes. Pair up shoes with outfits from different stores that are local so you can work together. Interview people who have purchased the shoes and have them talk about how comfortable – fast – fun – practical – sexy – fashionable they are. Make the video about your products fun and interesting so people actually watch all of it or are even inclined to share with their friends.

Tell About the Services

Would you like to sit through a video with people reading an instruction manual? No way! You can detail a service you provide in a fun way so that the person watching the video says hey, I want to be fun like that too and take advantage of the service. Have the service be explained in short clips by many people. Show how the service is done. Make a funny flow chart showing the steps of the service. Anything interesting that gets the description across without boring the watcher is an excellent way to actually get the video viewers to use it.

Share Stories that are Funny, Clever or Witty

Everybody likes to laugh. Therefore, when you can share a funny story that is appropriate to your customers, think about doing it in a video. If the funny story also relates to one of your products or services, even better! Make the story in to a video using as many people as possible to get the point across and then upload it to YouTube. Add in all of the necessary keywords and tags so that the search engines will also bring it up.

When you don’t have something funny happen to share, then make it up. You can certainly follow a script when you are doing the videos to post to YouTube. Write a play that mimics Shakespeare that promotes your product.  Do a spoof on one of the hottest and newest movies coming out, but use your logo, product or service instead. Be creative in order to be witty and funny and people will start sharing your videos –as well as all of the contact information included with that video – to all of their friends and family members. The more your videos are seen, the higher your clientele will be in the future.

Don’t Forget the Employees

Without the employees behind the scenes, your company would not run. Remember to include them in the pieces of your company where they do get recognition. How about a video appearance for them? Give a certain day of the week to a department to create their own video to post. Allowing the public and the customers to see the people behind the scenes makes them easier to relate to and will also work in your favor. The people who like your employees will have a stronger connection to you and want to remain a loyal customer in order to support those people.

Let the employees to a piece they think will be popular for the masses online. Have each employee write their bios to share on a video – with a twist. They can only use certain words or they cannot use certain words. Make them write the bio of when they were in elementary school or when they were just in college. Make it funny so they want to watch and share and that your customers will get a laugh out of seeing.

Make Them Compete so as to promote through your YouTube channel

Most everybody is up for a competition, especially when they can win something. Have a contest with your business to award some kind of a prize at the end. The more interactive you can make the contest, the better it will be for you. How about combining several of the above tips and getting it posted on YouTube.  Have each department in your business come up with a video on a certain theme, like a current movie spoof using your product. Then, each video is posted to the YouTube site and promoted so that the customers vote on the one that is the best.

A contest could also be specifically for your customers. Have them create a new product for your company to release, give them the chance to create a new tagline to market with your products or even a video using your product. Get them interacting with the product and sending in the results to promote through your YouTube channel.

Allow Snitching!

Give the people who are your regular customers access to sneak peeks of things that the general public does not get. Give them a picture of a product that is in beta testing that won’t be available for three or four months down the road. Give them a head’s up if there will be a contest in the next couple of months they can win prizes from. Make them feel special for being your customer and subscribing to your YouTube video channel.

The more videos you have posted to your YouTube channel, the more viewers you can attract. With each video posted, make sure there are links to the Facebook page, the company home page or even an email address where they can click to get more information if they need it. Integrating Facebook to your YouTube marketing is good. Cross promote the videos through Facebook or the website and link to your YouTube account. Videos are a great way to draw in viewers and potential customers to your site when they are done in a fun and creative way so people love to watch what you post.



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