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Many think that YouTube videos have significant edge when it comes to ranking in the search engine, particularly Google, and it’s because YouTube is owned by Google. However, that is just a myth, and there is no proof to that. But the real truth of the matter is that those videos enjoying high ranking positions in Google earned those coveted ranks because they were properly optimized. They must have passed most of the parameters of Google’s ranking algorithm, as well.

Thus, you need to find and formulate the best ways to get video ranked better in the search engines. You can get motivation from the following tips and best practices of successful video marketers.

Best Ways to Get Video Ranked Better in the Search Engine

Optimize your Videos for Local Search

If the competition is tough due to the massive numbers of competitors, you can easily get to the top if you target the local search where only a few competitors are there. Going down to the micro level of your niche is a good way to get a top ranking position in the SERPs. Once your video lands in the front page, then that’s the time to go up to the macro level, and this becomes easier to do considering your micro or local advantage. So upload some videos focusing with local contents and optimize them for local search. This is particularly important for businesses with establishments situated in certain places.

Optimize the Title and the Video Description

The title and the description are critical factors in capturing people to view your clips. They are also important to SEO. Search engine crawlers cannot watch the videos and rank it based on the show. Instead, they will use several factors that include the description, the title, and other ranking signals like popularity.

Tag Your YouTube Clips

Tagging is a popular technique in search engine optimization, and this also applies when ranking your YouTube clips for better search engine visibility. Tag each of your video with your keyword terms, including the relevant keywords.

Embed Your Videos

Expand the online visibility of your videos by embedding them in your blogs. This can greatly enhance your ranking in many ways. One of them is that they can add more social signals to your videos as a result of added traffic from various websites where the videos are embedded. Take note that social signals are now a part of the ranking factors. So get more social signals through embeds; this will add more views, as well.

Get More Backlinks

If you are going to rank your video in the search engines, then the standard SEO rules still apply, and this includes getting more backlinks pointing to your videos. Backlinks are treated by the search bots as votes of popularity, which is a major ranking factor. You can get organic backlinks by producing good and interesting content clips. While resolution-quality counts among viewers, content quality is what triggers people to share your videos via links. More shares equate to more backlinks and better page rank in Google.

Get More Social Signals

Encourage your viewers to share your videos to their social network friends. You can insert a call-to-action statement in your video via annotations asking your viewers to like it or to share it. YouTube has social media features where buttons of different social networks are there. However, these social buttons are hidden in the drop-down menu right below the video. This means that they will only show up once the viewers clicks on the share button.

Don’t assume that viewers know where the social buttons are. In fact, many of them are not aware of the presence of these social buttons. That is why it is best to show them how to share by inserting a call-to-action annotation.

The above tips are just among the best ways to get video ranked well in the SERPs. Adding more strategies can greatly help in getting better and higher search ranking position.

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Post Date: May 26, 2014
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