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Where can I post my videos

Video marketing is one of the best online promotional strategies that can generate significant results provided that effective methods are in place. While there are many ways to market your videos, not all will give you best results. There are a lot of factors that come into play. Aside from video and content quality, where you post your videos can also greatly impact the outcome of your marketing campaign; because of this, many marketers are left wondering – where can I post my videos to.

When it comes to uploading and sharing videos, YouTube will usually first come out in the minds of many people today. It’s because YouTube is the not only the leading video-sharing network, but it also pioneered video sharing on the internet.

However, it is important to know that there are also other good networks that let you upload and share videos aside from YouTube. Although these networks are not as popular as the leading network, distributing your videos to more networks is effective in expanding the global footprint of your marketing. Remember, the wider the extent of your campaign, the closer you will be to success.

Where can I Post My Videos Aside from YouTube


After YouTube, DailyMotion is the next best network to run to for video uploading and sharing. In terms of monthly unique visitors, DailyMotion ranks second with more than 110 million unique monthly hits. It is available in 16 languages and in 34 localized versions. Among all websites worldwide, it is dubbed as the 31st most visited with more than 2,000,000,000 monthly views. No doubt, DailyMotion has great potential for expanding the exposure of your videos to more audiences.


Also a good place to upload your videos to is Vimeo. This is a great place for film makers with about 70 million monthly unique visitors. What is good about Vimeo is engagement. The communities here are active and participative. So if you want to build business relations with your viewers, Vimeo is one of the best places to go where you can actively engage with the other users to earn their trust.

However, Vimeo has several limitations. There are two types of membership to choose from; the free basic account and the subscription-based membership. The basic account limits the weekly download to only 500MB, while the paid account gives you better flexibility at 5GB weekly upload space.


The fourth in rank in terms of monthly unique hits is MetaCafe at 40 million on the average. What is good about MetaCafe is that not only you can expand the visibility of your video to more audiences you can also make money from your videos. That’s right! MetaCafe pays video owners $5 per thousand views. That means, if your video becomes so popular that it gets around 20,000 views per month, then you will get paid $20 per month for that video. Now if you have 10 videos enjoying the same popularity, then you will earn around $200 more or less per month. That’s additional income on your part, while expanding the exposure of your business at the same time.

Don’t Forget YouTube for Marketing

While the above video sharing networks are great places to upload your videos to, you should still focus your marketing in YouTube, being the leading network with more than 800 million monthly unique hits. That’s a far cry from the monthly unique hits of the second leading network, DailyMotion, at only 112 million. Nevertheless, it is best to expand your video marketing campaign to other networks for a wider global footprint of your business.

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Post Date: May 12, 2014
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