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Getting your small business on television, the radio, or in a magazine can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality videos about your business out among the public.  Because of the internet, social media networks, and most of all, YouTube, small businesses have more ways than ever to get their products and services exposed to a lot of people.  While you won’t have to pay a placement fee for posting your video, you may want to spend money on a professional video production team.  That way, the videos you do end up posting are more likely to be effective, engaging, and attractive.  Once you’ve chosen a great video team, they will probably be able to come up with ideas to make your company get noticed.  Before you give them an assignment though, it’s a good idea to know what kind of video you need and what purpose it will serve.  From there, they should be able to run with it and bring you a great company video.


Company Overviews

Whether you are just starting up or just establishing your online presence, having a company overview video is an important first step.  You want customers to get to know a face that will represent the company.  This face could be the owner, a manager, or a hired spokesperson who is a great presenter.  Either way, they should be professional, engaging, and most importantly, available to do other company promotions so that you don’t end up needing to change the face of your company mid-campaign.  Your company overview shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, so be sure to focus on a straightforward and informative message.  Who makes up your small business?  Why was it started?  What can customers buy from your company?  Why would they buy from you and not another company? You can present this information through a monologue, a jingle, an animation, or even a slideshow set to music.  It is up to you but be sure to make it as engaging as possible.

Good Commercials for YouTube Marketing

Most businesses intend to use videos in the way of making commercials.  You can create a new commercial for each marketing campaign you create.  You can use commercials to tempt customers to buy new products, to show off your services, or just to get them familiar with your brand and what it’s about.  On the internet, funny commercials tend to do the best, so if you can think of a humorous take on your ad, it will have more potential for going viral.  The best difference between TV commercials and internet commercials is that internet ads have the ability to be shared and the best ones get shared a lot.  This is where your marketing team can really come in handy if they work closely with the video production team.  Someone is bound to come up with an idea that could go viral to start your campaign off with a bang.


Another way to use YouTube to your advantage is by creating tutorials regarding your products or services.  For example, if you have a new product, you might create a mini infomercial to show viewers how to use it or how to get the most out of it.  If you offer a service on the other hand, you might lead a little how-to session on one of your strategies to show how it makes your work high quality.  When viewers see others using your products or the services actually being carried out, they are more likely to believe that those products and services could benefit them.  It gives your business a sense of credibility also, because that spokesperson takes on the role of an expert when leading customers through a step-by-step process.


Every time you have a promotion, it’s important to let as many people as possible know about it.  That means you’ll want a video explaining the promotion to add to your usual social media announcements.  The promotional video will be much like a commercial, but should focus on not just the “why buy” aspect of making the purchase, but “why buy now.”  How much would they save buying your product or service during this sale than during other times?  How much would they save if they used that coupon code you’ve been posting on your Facebook page compared to without it?  How much could they win if they got involved in your contest?  Whatever your promotion, just be sure to sell it with excitement and to tout what customers will get out of it if they participate.

Optimize your Customer Content to get more YouTube views

If you can’t really afford a professional video production team and just aren’t coming up with great ideas for videos, believe it or not there is a strategy that will work for you.  Remember that YouTube is full of user-created content.  That means that many of those viewers make videos of their own.  That also means they could be making yours.  By inviting customers to post videos about your business, you can leave it up to them to create the content and all you have to do is decide which ones to feature.  You can encourage customer content creation by asking them to leave video reviews of your products.  You might also want to host a video contest for a commercial or new jingle for your company.

You could also introduce your new product and then ask for feedback or for ideas for future products.  The best thing about this kind of approach is that when viewers have a sense of ownership over a YouTube video, they are more likely to come back to view other videos and to share those they have created themselves.  They will also actively ask people to watch the videos they made because they want it to get just as many views as you do.  In other words, they’ll be doing the marketing for you.  This will help you get more YouTube views and hopefully more fans and customers too.



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Post Date: March 15, 2012
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