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youtube marketingTwenty years ago, the marketing departments of the large companies probably never guessed that the little videos being made about their products by people at home would be so important. And who would have ever guessed that YouTube, the place where thousands of videos are uploaded each and every day, would become a real player in the marketing of not only large companies, but the small and locally owned ones as well. How can you take advantage of YouTube views to market your own product or service if you haven’t been already?

There are a lot of ways in which you can use videos to get the word out not only on your products, but about your business as well. There isn’t a cost to upload the videos, so it is much cheaper than buying time on the TV or the radio to broadcast a message. The only cost would be if you choose to have the video professionally made or if you go about it another way. Because believe it or not, you can get videos made for free as well!

Company Produced Videos

Company videos can be made by you or an employee for nothing more than what the hourly wage is costing. Unless the person behind the camera has a bit of experience in making the videos, it could be an amateur offering. Make sure you review the video and see if it meets your standards before you upload it and market it out there to the rest of the world. Amateur can be fine, as long as it is not unprofessional, of poor quality or even of poor content.

A production company can be called in to make the video so it seems a bit more professional and sophisticated. How much you spend will be decided by you, since it is your budget. Will this video also be used on TV as a campaign to get more customers or are you strictly loading it to the web? How often you plan to use the video and how much you plan to market it should be relative to the price you are paying to have it out there. It costs millions of dollars to produce Super Bowl commercials, but the reward is that they are viewed by almost a billion people as well. Spending thousands of dollars on your first video you only plan to upload to a Facebook or a YouTube channel might not be the smartest idea.

Make it a Contest

If you already have a following built up through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or even your YouTube channel, then you probably have enough people to make it in to a contest. Create something where your “peeps” do all of the work. Set up a contest where they have to make a video using your product or detailing how to use it or why to use it. You might be surprised at how creative people are when it comes to winning a prize. The prize doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but it should be something of value that is worthwhile for them to bother taking the time to create a video.

Display all of the videos on your YouTube channel, provide links through your Facebook status updates and even post some of the best ones to your webpage. Make people feel special and that the time they spent creating the videos was appreciated. They can’t all be winners, but recognition just by adding their name and the video will go a long way to making them feel special and want to do it again in the future if you ever did.

Promote the Contest

Now, the contest videos can work in your favor in several ways. You can say that the video with the most views will win your contest. How does this work in your favor? Suddenly everyone who has entered a video will be pushing the link to their video, which may or may not be hosted on your YouTube channel (it would be best if it was). All of those people will be viewing the videos with our product and be on your page. They have the opportunity to like it right then and there,without you really having to do work besides coming up with the contest idea.

You could certainly promote the contest through your Twitter feeds, your status updates and out in the company newsletter to get even more people out there looking. But the people who want to win will do the majority of the work to get their videos seen since they want the most views. See why having a valuable and worthwhile prize is important? It will generate the contestant entries to strive to win, which is only a win-win for you.

Keep Using the Videos to increase YouTube views

No matter who ends up being the winner, take time to promote all of the videos on your sites. YouTube views to market the product can come from friends of the people who made the video, relatives who would not have otherwise even gotten online to look or by people who just like contests. You can reach a whole new audience by creating the contest and making sure that people see your product and are encouraged to like not only a video, but to subscribe to your channel at the same time.

Now that you have had the contest, awarded a winner and promoted all of the videos, it is time to sit on it for a while. Don’t create a new contest right away or it diminishes the impact of the first one. It’s kind of like the sales before the holiday. Each one is dubbed the best sale ever and you won’t ever save more than this! But the next week you seem to, so there isn’t any real meaning to that advertising slogan.

The Fine Line of Old and New

Have you been sitting around during the summer, watching TV and you see a commercial that was played during the Super Bowl air again? How stale is that! While you don’t want to have a new contest right after the first one and you want to make sure all of the videos get air time so they can get views on your You Tube page, you don’t want to let them get stale either. After they have played for a few weeks or even a month or two, take them down from the places of prominence. Still keep them on your YouTube channel because they could still generate hits by their keywords. But don’t make them the prominent thing on your webpage.  Make a new company video or else put up a picture or something else to take its place for a while.

Change is good for everyone, including businesses. YouTube views can market your product and your company in a meaningful way, when you use a bit of smarts and some practical knowledge to help you. You don’t have to be a large company with a huge advertising budget in order to use videos to your benefit. The exact opposite could be true and your videos could launch a small company in to stardom if it is great.

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Post Date: May 23, 2012
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