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How to Get Paid to Donate Sperm and the Best Sperm Clinics that Pay

Yes, you can get paid to donate sperm and there are legit sperm clinics out there that pay.

This article reveals a lot about making money donating sperm to help you get informed about it all.

So, let’s talk about sperm donation for money…

I’m sure you’ve come across the idea of sperm donation on any popular sitcom that people typically watch.

Although it seems like it is something that happens only in ‘reel’ life, you’ll be surprised to know that you can make a lot of money by donating your sperm even more than girls do with side-hustles like selling pictures of their feet.


Make $18,000 Per Year Donating Sperm

In this article, we summarize the criteria for sperm donation and where you can do it. You can make up to $1,500 a month by selling your sperm!

So, all in all, a handsome, $18,000 per year. Sounds like a good deal, right?

But before we get started, let’s have a brief look at the specifics required.

Sperm banks, clinics, or cryobanks are fertility centers that help people deal with their reproductive issues. The process is very similar to blood donation.

You can donate your sperm, and if you’re interested in making some money out of it, there are options for that as well.


How Making Money Donating Sperm Works

To give you an idea of what a sperm bank is precisely, let me define it. It’s a place that collects and stores human sperm in the form of donations to be provided later to people with reproductive problems.

The sperm is frozen and kept viable and later retrieved when there is a need from a customer.

Besides donation, men can also freeze their sperm just like women having the option of freezing their eggs for use in the future. They can be used later on for an IVF procedure or artificial insemination.

There are multiple reasons people agree to become sperm donors, but mostly because it is an easy way to make money. Sperm banks usually pay for people looking to donate.

In some medical cases where a man’s sperm is not healthy enough, the couple may decide to borrow another man’s sperm to fertilize the woman’s egg. In some cases, people do it as a favor to friends and family who have difficulty conceiving.

In other cases, women who choose to be single mothers also go through sperm banks to become pregnant. Similarly, the LGBTQ community cannot normally conceive so they can opt for donated sperm from the clinic to conceive via surrogacy.

If you’re worried about the legality of the process, don’t be, because it is legal in most places.

If you’re having trouble managing your bills, this can be a handy way to get you through the short-term.


make money donating sperm


Requirements for Donating Sperm for Money

Although the requirements differ from sperm bank to sperm bank, there are a few basic requirements that they ask before allowing you to donate your sperm.

A healthy male between the ages of 18 and 39 years who is at least 5′ 7” and is not a smoker, or a heavy drinker may be allowed to donate.

When you begin the process, you are asked to fill out the form declaring if you’ve had any known family history of mental illness or genetic diseases.

Sickness like color blindness, hereditary cancers, psychiatric disorders, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, etc., might lead to rejection.

Also, they do not accept your sperm if you have already donated to another bank or clinic.


The Process of Getting Paid  For Sperm Donation

The process is relatively simple, but you must be ready to make sure that you have enough time to give to the center for regular screening, check-up, and donations.

Some places also ask for 6 to 12 months of commitment. You’ll have to make 2-3 visits to the clinic every week.

Some clinics even go into more in-depth background checks on your sexual history, drug use, personal and professional goals, talents and hobbies, and if you’ve traveled outside your country to know if you have had any diseases going beyond the borders.

This information is then modified in a way that can be presented to potential sperm buyers who would like to know a little bit more detail about the biological father.

So, it’s not exactly easy money since only 5% of all applications get approval. So, if you have this kind of free time in your hands, you can go ahead and start with it.

In case you’re not accepted by one sperm bank, it doesn’t mean that the others will automatically reject you.

You can always try to visit another clinic and based on their own set of criteria and requirements you might qualify.

Make sure you’ve exhausted all your options before deciding that this is not the right fit for you.


get paid to donate sperm


The process before you can start earning is a little tedious, but it’s certainly worth all the effort because of the money you can make.

Once you’ve decided on the sperm bank of your choice, you can register and set up a screening process.

First, you meet the physician who is most likely to ask you to fill out a questionnaire to check your family history and mental wellness.

Next, they will ask you to deposit a sperm sample in a sterile cup, provided by the bank.

This step is done to check the quality of your sperm in terms of count, viability, motility, and other factors.

You will need to submit a urine and blood sample to test your medical condition along with this. In some clinics, you might have to undergo a physical examination as well.

This process can take up to six weeks, depending on your chosen clinic.

In most centers, you are allowed to donate twice a week if you commit for up to six months.

Also, they require you to sign a contract foregoing any contact or responsibilities towards the offspring that will result from your sperm donation.


Considerations When Thinking of Donating Your Sperm for Money

Although sperm banks never reveal their donors’ information, modern developments such as DNA testing might lead to increased chances of having children find you out at later stages in their lives.

If you are very sure that you do not want to be found by your biological offspring later in life, this might be a risky option.

Although the sperm bank will not reveal your details, if mothers and children find you out, they might try to contact you and your family.

Going back to the main points, you will be paid for each sperm donation that you make.

However, the time for the initial payments may vary based on the test results that are needed for successful submission.


Best Sperm Clinics That Really Pay

There are a lot of places that you can donate your sperm based on your location. We’ve listed the ones that are the best, and that pays well.

  • California Cryobank

  • Sperm Bank Directory

  • NWCryobank

  • Cryogam Colorado

  • Co-parent Match

They are all genuine and can be trusted, so check them out if you are serious about donating sperm and getting paid.


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