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How To Make Money Selling Feet Pictures on Social Media (up to $1,000 Monthly!)

Looking for how to make money selling feet pictures on social media?

Then you absolutely must read this article to learn very powerful and helpful tips that can help you make as much as $1,000+ monthly, from just selling feet pics.

Yes, social media platforms are among the best places to sell pictures online. 

If you have lovely feet pictures to sell then it makes sense to do so with any of the best social media sites. 

You can sign up for these social media platforms to list and sell the feet pictures at your disposal. 

However, to make the most of these sites, there are techniques you should apply. 

These are the tips you can apply to sell those feet pictures effectively and efficiently.

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Who buys feet pictures?

The love for feet pictures is popular among feet lovers. These pictures are images of the parts of the leg below the ankle. 

People with beautiful and well-cared for feet would love to display them for others to see. 

Besides, some other people would simply love to sell these pictures so they can make something from it. 

You too can sell pictures of feet to potential buyers. The good thing is there are lots of people who can buy from you. They include: 


Feet fetishists

These are feet lovers who would buy feet pictures to get sexual satisfaction. They can pay you for quality feet pictures. 

They use these pictures to fantasize and get satisfaction with sex. 


Movie directors

These are professionals in the entertainment industry. 

They can buy feet pictures as a process of recruiting hiring foot models or actors to feature in their productions. 

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Bloggers and webmasters

These are blog and website owners who regularly post content on their platform. 

With feet images, they can support the concept of their platforms. 

Selling feet pictures to these people are common and one of the most profitable since they utilize the images’ business purposes.  


Modeling agencies

These are agencies that recruit models who are likely to feature in the runway and some advert campaigns. 

These people buy foot pictures to choose or hire the best foot models for their clients. 


selling feet pictures


Brand advertisers

These are companies or advertising companies that buy feet pictures to support the promotion of their products or services. 

These feet pictures are used to advertise products like shoes, stockings, anklets, foot jewelry, toe polish, creams, medications, and other related products. 

The selling of feet pictures is popular with many people. It is a legal preoccupation in many climes. As a business venture, you can make money from it. 


Why sell feet pictures 

You can sell feet pictures for a lot of reasons. The most popular reasons why most people choose to do this include: 

  • They want to tap into the opportunity of filling the needs of others. 

The demand for feet pictures is usually high and it will make sense to sell and fill the needs of potential buyers. 

As highlighted above, the kind of people that may demand foot pictures includes feet fetishists, movie directors, and producers, modeling agencies, bloggers and webmasters, advertisers, as well as picture collectors. 

  • They want to engage in a venture that would provide them with the flexibility of selling feet pictures when they want and how they want. You can choose your own time to sell, and also choose how to sell. 
  • They want to enjoy the convenience of selling feet pictures from wherever they want. So, you can sell feet pictures from the convenience of your home or from wherever you are using a mobile app. 
  • They want to do a venture that needs a low budget to set up. The selling of feet pictures does not require a huge financial investment. 

With a low budget, you can start this and easily make good money, even if you do it just for fun. 

You can sign up and download some vital photo editing software for free, and you may just need your smartphone to start. 

And you don’t even have to spend money buying expensive digital camera, if you have a basic smartphone.

Yes, most smartphones these days have very powerful cameras that are good enough to take very good feet pictures for you.

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Where to sell feet pictures 

There are many options you can take advantage of when it comes to where you sell feet pictures. You can direct to those you know. 

You can either sell print copies or digital copies to them. 

Apart from selling directly to those you know or to those around your area, you can also sell to businesses and strangers. 

One idea you can use to sell these pictures offline is to organize a yard or garage sale. You can also do auctions. 

Selling feet pictures can be done online as well. It is good to know that there are so many websites or apps you can use to do so. These websites can be categorized under different headings like: 

Classified ads websites

These are advertising platforms that connect buyers and sellers of different items and services. is one of the best-classified ads websites to sell feet pictures. 

Feet websites

These are websites specially built for users to buy or sell feet pictures and videos.

Members of these sites usually subscribe to plans that would help them gain access to the best feet pictures. 

A very good example of feet lovers’ website is 

Stock photography websites

These are websites where users get to upload licensed and unlicensed photos so that the general public or members can download them. 

These platforms offer the sellers with a platform and the tools to sell their pictures to make money. You can sell your feet pictures via these sites if you choose to. 

Some of them allow you to set your price, but you may pay some commission after your pictures are sold. Some of the best stock photography websites to sell your feet pictures are and Fotolia. 

Photo apps

These are mobile applications that allow users to upload their pictures for sale. You can download and install any of them to start selling your pictures. 

These apps are very effective as you can also use them to interact with potential targeted buyers.

A good example of the app you can use to sell your feet pictures today is

Social media platforms 

These are websites where users or members interact and network with each other. 

They can share ideas, knowledge, expertise, and skills. These platforms allow users to share entertaining, informative, and educative content. 

You can leverage the traffic of social media sites to sell your feet pictures to a targeted audience.


selling feet pics


Best social media platforms for selling feet pictures 

There are many social media sites out there. However, some of them are most suitable for feet pictures. So, here are highlights of three of the best places to sell feet pictures and why: 


This is the popular social media platform. Facebook is notable for allowing users to share various kinds of content. Users of this platform can share pictures, videos, and texts. 

The platform has features where users can share and promote pictures. 

So, if you have feet pictures to sell then you should take advantage of any of the features. 

 To sell feet pictures on Facebook, you can utilize any or all of the features like: 

  • The Facebook feed
  • The comment section 
  • Facebook Groups, etc. 



This is a visually-based social media platform. This platform allows users to share pictures and videos. It is one of the best places to sell pictures online. This photo and video-sharing social networking service are owned by Facebook. 

 Instagram has many features and tools which the user can utilize to sell their feet pictures. The most popular features and tools include: 

  • Uploading of pictures on users’ feeds
  • Geotagging of with the name of a location
  • Connecting the Instagram account with other social media sites so that the pictures can be shared and sold on the landing pages of other websites.
  • Utilizing features like photographic filters and hashtags to resize and promote the feet pictures rightly. 
  • Instagram users can post or sell their feet pictures through the Instagram Stories – this is a feature that allows users to take photos, add effects and layers. They can also use Instagram advertising features or the Instagram business account to sell their pictures professionally. 
  • Using stand-alone apps like Bolt, Hyperlapse, and Boomerang to share and sell their photos. 
  • Using third-party services and apps to upload and sell your feet photos. 



This is a microblogging social media website. It allows users to interact with messages known as “tweets”. 

This platform has a lot of features that allow registered users to post, like, and retweet content. 

You can share and sell feet pictures Twitter using its many different tools. You can share a link of your photo in the tweet, you can utilize the redirections of third-party applications, and Twitter ads to promote the feet pictures you want to well. 


Snapchat is a social messaging app. It was released in 2011. On this platform, pictures and messages are shared between users.

The content is usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. 

Snapchat, as a social media platform, and as multimedia messaging app focuses on person-to-person photo sharing.  

In other words, it is primarily used for creating multimedia messages called “snaps”. These are simply the photos or short videos shared on the platform.

So, it is a perfect place to sell pictures, even feet pictures. There are quite a lot of tools that can be used by Snapchat users to promote and sell their feet pictures successfully. 

These tools include uploading and editing tools that also include filters and effects, drawings, and text captions. 

Other features and tools of Snapchat you should check out to sell feet pictures include the “My Story” feature, and Snapchat Premium called “Snapcash”. 

With Snapcash, you monetize your private premium account and make money. Luckily, feet picture is a theme synonymous with adult content. 

A lot of adult users, models, and pornstars utilize this feature. So, take advantage of Snapcash from Snapchat to sell your feet pictures to feet fetishists and other possible users. 


Best techniques for selling feet pictures on social media

If you must succeed in selling feet pictures on social media platforms, then you can check out the following tips and techniques. 

  • Use the hashtag when making descriptions or promoting your feet pictures on social media platforms. The right hashtag is a word prefixed with a hash sign. 

This sign helps users, followers or potential buyers to easily locate your pictures. 

Examples of the right hashtags to use when you upload and promote feet pictures are #feetify, #feetpictures, #feetlovers, #feetfetishpics #feetpics, #buyfeetpics, #feetphotos, and so on. 

  • Consider using social media groups to promote your pictures. 

Social media platforms also have groups where users discuss specific topics, concepts, or products. 

You can create a group around the feet pictures you want to sell. Or, you can join an existing group. Make sure you adhere to the rules of the group to maximize the pictures you are promoting. 

A major benefit of using social media group to sell your feet pictures is that you would be targeting potential buyers. 

Check out the Facebook group or Instagram groups to make the most of your selling. 

  • Use premium accounts, as with many online platforms, social media platforms now provide users with premium or business accounts. 

These are paid accounts that allow you to access and utilize better features and tools on the platforms. 

You should sign up with Facebook business, Instagram Business, or Snapchat business to access tools that would allow you to upload, list, and sell your feet pictures successfully. 

  • Be very active in your account. Make vital contributions and you will create wide followership. 

Your success with any social media platform, whether you are selling feet pictures or not will depend on the quality of your followership.



There are many techniques you can apply to sell feet pictures on social media platforms. The techniques shared above are general to most of the platforms. 

You should not ignore the rules and terms that an individual platform may put in place to sell something like a feet picture. 

So, it makes good sense to comply with the rules of selling on Feetify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms out there.

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